Understanding the God Helmet

Thanks are due to Dr. Michael Persinger for his extensive help in developing The Shiva Stimulation System. Persinger’s Endorsement.
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Understanding the God Helmet
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The God Helmet

Applies magnetic signals over the temporal lobes of the brain.

Magnetic signals are magnetic fields that change their strength every few milliseconds. It’s been used in scores of laboratory experiments employing many hundreds of subjects.

Technically called “rotating complex magnetic magnetic fields”, God Helmet technology relies on several principles. The magnetic signals move in a circle, completing one circle in a fraction of a second.

The patterns that control how the magnetic fields change their strength are derived from EEG monitoring of specific structures, or are based on other known effective magnetic signals. Both kinds elicit neural specific neural responses.

The magnetic signals move in two ways.

1) They switch from one magnetic coil to another, moving in a circle. This activates and then de-activates the area beneath each coil, building the ‘momentum’ and intensity as the stimulation proceeds. This movement happens quickly (less than one second per shift).

2) The signals are applied to one side of the brain, and then to both sides, creating an ‘Interhemispheric Intrusion‘ (where activity in one hemisphere ‘intrudes’ into the other), the neural basis for spiritual experiences.  Interhemispheric intrusion is part of the theory of “Vectorial Hemisphericity

This movement (which coincides with a change in the signal) is the basis for the God Helmet. The idea is that neural activation builds up in one area and suddenly ‘slingshots’ or ‘avalanches’ into another. This session design, using one signal over one side, and another over both sides, has proven to be the most effective in the lab, but there are others in this software that use much the same design, and may be more effective for some people.

After 20 or 30 minutes, the signals:
1) Change their shapes.
2) Switch from one side to both sides.

Laboratory God Helmet Sessions include sensory deprivation, especially silence. A large portion of the temporal lobe’s ongoing activity is dedicated to monitoring ambient sound. This old evolutionary ‘program’ once helped us hear threats coming (especially at night), but it interferes with attaining the inner silence that so many kinds of spiritual experience depend on. There can still be effects without silence, but an acoustic chamber was used in the laboratory.  (Note: The Shiva system does not include ear covers.)

How the Koren Helmet produced its visions of God (and other effects).

The theory of Vectorial Hemisphericity says that most phenomena we experience relies on both sides of the brain. There are no ‘right hemispheric’ and ‘left hemispheric’ phenomena. Our experiences reflect the activation of both sides of the brain. In each process, there is one area that is most (metabolically) active, and that area will always be on one side or the other. The process, whatever it is, will be a vector between the two sides of the brain. The area that’s most dominant one one side ‘intercalates’ from the other side of the brain.  Intercalation can be described as the reversible inclusion of one group into another.

The sense of self is a vector using areas of both sides of the brain to maintain itself, but its dominated by the side where the language centers are (usually the left). God Helmet technology is designed to separate the two sides of the brain, so that the portion of the ‘self’ (usually) produced by the right hemisphere is perceived on it’s own, as a being outside of one’s self.

Another image of the God HelmetFor about 1% of the subjects in the God Helmet experiments, the being was God. For most of the subjects, the being was something else, most commonly a sense of a presence, though this has not been reported with the Shiva systems’ God Helmet configuration.

For other subjects, the effects were different, and you may wonder why.

For some, the amygdala on the left (the ‘target’ structure in the animation above) may have unusually sensitive connections to areas that are usually harder to initiate. When this happens, the amygdala, activated by the session, can trigger these other areas.

The amygdala has connections to many other brain areas, and their sensitivity to input from the amygdala varies from very strong to very weak. Some of the brain parts the amygdala (or other structure) is linked to do not respond at all when the amygdala signal used here (amygdala burst-firing) is applied. The ‘burst-firing’ pattern used here appears in normal brains, as well as during Temporal Lobe Events that can be accompanied by religious and mystic experiences.

The pathways that have the lowest thresholds will also be the ‘pathways of least resistance’. You can think of the lowest thresholds as offering the amygdala a ‘downhill’ connection, and that activity will flow ‘downhill’ to other areas. Which areas are uphill and which are downhill (for this kind of amygdala activity) are different in different people.

The different strengths of the connection from the amygdala to the surface of the brain and to other areas in the limbic system partly determine the specific effects for each person.

Unless the pathways involved in visions of God are sensitive (have higher thresholds), then the person will not see God. According to Persinger’s results with the Koren Helmet, only a very small percent of people can have this experience with ‘God Helmet” technology, and even fewer can have this experience without it.

In this discussion, we are talking only about the amygdala (in conjunction with the ‘chirp’ signal), but the same principles apply to the other ‘structure-specific’ signal used in this software (derived from the hippocampus). No limbic brain structure is equally connected to it’s neighbors in everyone, and this makes the effects of working with them different for different people.

Besides a ‘chirp’ signal (which functions as a kind of activator, activating the brain to prepare it for the next signal), there are two ‘structure-specific’ signals, both taken from the limbic system. These signals are derived from specific brain parts, and they only affect these areas and, to a lesser extent, areas they’re connected to.

The amygdala is specialized for emotions, and it supports opposite emotions on the two sides of the brain.

For most people, the one on the right supports negative emotions, most importantly fear, and the one on the left supports positive emotions. Its a deep brain structure, and it’s extensively connected to the temporal lobes.

If you happen to feel anxiety or fear during the amygdala portion of a session session, stop the session. If you feel fearful or anxious after the session, don’t repeat it. The chances are small, but safety comes first.

The Hippocampus is involved in cognition of all sorts.

You have two of them. On the right, it deals in non-verbal information processing including visualization and musical understanding.
On the left, it’s more linguistic.

If you find you are having moments where you have trouble recalling a word or name, or that you’re a bit ‘spaced out’ at times, you should switch to another session design – one that uses a different signal.

Headaches can occur with the hippocampus signal for some people (about 2%). Usually, they stop after a few sessions, and respond to common headache remedies. They are more a sensation of pressure than a pain, and are not constant.  These have been resolved by lowering the volume (the strength of the magnetic field) by 1/3.

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Sacred Pathways: The Brain’s Role In Religious and Mystic Experiences
By Todd Murphy

Foreword by H.H. the Dalai Lama
Foreword by Dr. Michael A. Persinger.
506 pages, paperback
Order HERE. Sacred Pathways is the Principia (“book of basic principles” or “first work”) of the scientific investigation of spiritual experiences. … Individuals who appoint themselves protectors of “true knowledge” may find this book disquieting.” – Dr. M.A. Persinger
“In this book, Professor Todd Murphy recounts what he has discovered about the brain’s role in religious and mystic experience; findings that interested readers will no doubt find illuminating” – H.H. The Dalai Lama
Legal: Shiva Neural Stimulation signals are based on the God Helmet signal templates licensed by Stan Koren and Dr. Michael A. Persinger. Shiva does not prevent, diagnose or treat any medical disorders.

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