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How and When to do your God Helmet Sessions.

Be as relaxed as possible during your sessions, – in both mind and body.  Don’t meditate or try to direct your mind in any way.  Let your mind wander, but don’t fall asleep.  Try not to think about what’s happening.  Just let it unfold.  Don’t label anything that happens, just relax and “allow”.  Being excited or in a state of expectation can interfere with the sessions.  If you’re too excited, just relax about that, too.  Anticipation and expecting things activates the frontal lobes, while the God Helmet works with the temporal lobes.  When one of these areas is too busy, it tends to mute activity in the other.  So just relax and don’t try to direct your mind at all.  The “twilight” state, just between waking and sleep, is best.

The ‘God Helmet’ experiments were all conducted with the subjects in sensory deprivation. For visual sensory deprivation, subjects had their eyes covered with gauze, and a blindfold over that.

Auditory sensory deprivation is another matter. In the God Helmet experiments, the subjects sat in an acoustic chamber – a small room that’s completely silent. A large portion of the temporal lobe’s ongoing activity is dedicated to monitoring ambient sound. Silence makes these temporal lobe pathways available to respond to the magnetic signals.

Acoustic silence is not easy to manage, but there are a few ways to try. Earplugs can help, but only if they put no distracting pressure on the ear canal.  Another is achieved by doing sessions in a very quiet place, at a quiet time of night. A lack of silence will not always prevent effects from appearing, but it can reduce their intensity and possibly change their content.

The God Helmet experiments were primarily conducted at night, when melatonin levels are at their highest, between midnight and 4:00 am.

They were also done during times of geomagnetic quiet.

Some people have reported that they had better results at the maximum volume setting (92%). If you start this way, be ready to lower your volume if this higher one isn’t comfortable for you.

Set And Setting for God Helmet Sessions

The subjects received their sessions in sensory deprivation in the God Helmet experiments that created religious visions in the lab. The most important component is silence, not just quiet. A large portion of the temporal lobe’s normal, ongoing activity is dedicated to monitoring ambient sound. In order to maximize your chances for a successful session, you should do your sessions in the greatest quiet you can manage. Complete (acoustic) silence is not so easy to create, but it’s worth the effort to try to create the most complete silence you can for your sessions. If you want to try to repeat The God Helmet experiments, then total silence is crucial. It was a part of the original experiments, and if its neglected then you can’t say that you have repeated or replicated the procedure.

It’s important to avoid falling asleep during the session. In principle, it might lead to intense dreams, and perhaps even lucid dreaming, but there is always the chance that you may not recall the dream after you wake up, and you’d have the mistaken impression that the session had no effect.

The best thing to do with your mind during the session is to relax as much as possible, but without falling asleep.

In one of the God Helmet experiments, the subjects waited in two different waiting rooms. One of them was decorated with religious images, and the other room was decorated with images of space and of aliens. The subjects who sat in the first waiting room found their sessions had religious images from within, and the ones who waited in the second room had images of aliens appear in their mind’s eye. If you know that the “set and setting” can influence the outcome of your session, the environment for your session will not play as large a role, but it can still have an effect on what you experience. It’s a good idea to pay attention to your surroundings, and ask whether the mood of the place matches what you hope to experience in your sessions. God Helmet technology does not rely on suggestibility, but suggestion can influence the content of its experiences.

Most of the God Helmet experiments were done under blind or double-blind conditions. The subjects were told that they would be participating in a relaxation experiment. Double-blind conditions helped to satisfy some of the requirements of experimental procedure, but with the Shiva God Helmet, “informed consent” is more important. So, the formal deception, required by experimental protocols, must be dispensed with, along with its ability to prevent expectations from appearing.

Another image of the God HelmetThe God Helmet stimulation is focused on the temporal lobes, which are specialized for memory, along with their many other functions. In contrast, the frontal lobes are specialized for anticipating the future, including things like expectation, anticipation, and “wondering what’s about to happen”. If you are focused on the outcome of a God helmet session while you’re actually doing it, you activate the frontal lobes, and that will make it harder for the temporal lobes to dominate your experiences. The best thing to do, while remaining relaxed (but not falling asleep), is to “let go” and allow what happens to happen.  Don’t label anything, or try to find words to describe it.

For some sessions, it can be a good idea to have someone help you by staying at the computer while you receive it. Some sessions carry a small risk of negative effects during their first phase (all God Helmet sessions have two-phases). If these occur, and become too much, don’t stop the session. Instead, move on to the second phase of the session. This can be difficult to do if you’re doing your sessions and sensory deprivation because it involves being at your computer and clicking on a button that will let you move to the second phase. If one person is receiving the session while another one is at the computer, then the person getting the session needs only to call out to the other one, and ask them to move on to the second phase. Otherwise, you’d break the integrity of the session by coming out of sensory deprivation so you can to move on to the second phase. This won’t prevent the session from having any effect, but it can put limits on them.

 Using the geomagnetic field for successful God Helmet Sessions.

The best time to do God Helmet sessions depends on what you want to get out of them. Effects during sessions are more likely during times of low geomagnetic activity, and sessions to build inner skills are best done during unsettled geomagnetic conditions, with effects emerging three to five days later.

An unsettled geomagnetic field is means that it’s not calm, but not having a storm either. If you are unable to do your sessions during an unsettled time, then the next best choice is when the geomagnetic field is at its lowest. Unsettled periods are indicated by the yellow columns. You can see the present geomagnetic state at the bottom of this page.

This picture shows a current level of zero.  The yellow bars show a period when the K value was at 4, the ‘Special K’ period.

Each column represents a three-hour period, and the one furthest to the right shows the present time. The animated picture shows a K value of one.

The yellow columns show when the K value is four. Green is for quiet – zero to three is the quiet range, while five to nine are the range for geomagnetic storms.

Click Here to View the Current Geomagnetic State

NOTE: Like any other Internet service, this is down from time to time. Down times for this site are rare, and usually end within a few hours. The research, both published and unpublished, suggests that if you are looking to have psychic perceptions during God Helmet sessions, then you should do them during times of geomagnetic quiet (zero to two K). If you are looking to develop your psychic skills, you should do sessions during unsettled geomagnetic periods (When the K index=4), and try to test your skills out about three to five days later. Unsettled conditions offer the optimal times, not the only ones. If you are doing weekly sessions, stay with the schedule.

Present Geomagnetic Field State:

geomagnetic status

What it means:

Quiet: the Geomagnetic Field is quiet (K < 4)

Active: the Geomagnetic Field has been unsettled (K = 4)

Storm: A Geomagnetic Storm has occurred (K >4)

Another way to “Tweak” God Helmet is to do sessions at the maximum volume. This may be too much for more sensitive people, but several God Helmet users have reported enhanced effects setting their volume to 92%. Its not suggested that you begin this way. If you want to explore this, increase your volume in increments of 1/3 with each session.

Current Geomagnetic Field State:



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