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How understanding the Brain helps us understand Life after Death, Visions of God, Romantic Love, Enlightenment, Déjà Vu, and even Out Of Body Experiences

This site is the home of the only God Helmet
endorsed by Dr. Michael Persinger.

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Technology for Psychic Perception and Spiritual Growth.THE SHIVA NEURAL SYSTEM
Technology for Psychic Skills and Spiritual Growth.

A Windows (PC) version of “The (circumcerebral) Octopus”, developed by Dr. Michael A. Persinger & Stan Koren and found to enhance psychic perception in laboratory studies. 16 Magnetic Coils (connected to 8 channels) circulate magnetic signals around your head to dampen the ‘binding factor’ for consciousness. The “binding factor” ordinarily filters out magnetic information from the world around us, and inhibiting it can allow psychic perceptions to appear. MORE INFO

Shiva is the manufacturer’s recommended system for psychic work and spiritual growth.

Note: The Shiva software has instructions for converting it to a God Helmet (see below), and changing the Shiva system to an 8 Coil Shakti (Also Below).

+ The Shiva System includes:
+ The original Shiva for Windows software (for Psychic Skills and Spiritual Growth)
+ Software for “God Helmet” sessions
+ The 8 Coil Shakti software, including the Feelgood session and…
+ All sessions for the 2 and 4 Coil Shakti systems
+ The magnetic signals used for the (now discontinued) Shakti Helmet

NOTE: The Shiva System is still available in spite of Dr. Persinger’s passing away in August of 2018. His work will go on.

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Report from a Swiss institute using the Shiva System

Search a scientific database for “Circumcerebral” to learn more

Note: This configuration was used in the telepathy experiments discussed HERE

More Info on Shiva Neural Stimulation

The God Helmet is part of the Shiva Brain Stimulation System.THE GOD HELMET®

God Helmet is a nickname given to the Koren Helmet, developed by Stan Koren and Dr. M.A. Persinger. It has elicited spiritual, religious and paranormal experiences in the laboratory.

Shiva Neural Stimulation System includes software to duplicate the stimulation used in the famous God Helmet experiments in neurotheology. It’s included with the Shiva Neural Stimulation System. This is the only edition of the God Helmet ® available to the public.
Endorsed by Dr. Michael A. Persinger

NOTE: “God Helmet” sessions require sensory deprivation, which includes silence. The quieter, the better.

News: God Helmet experiment has been replicated

The Koren Helmet is a lab apparatus, and is not available to the public.

The (Shiva) God Helmet is still available in spite of Dr. Persinger’s passing away in August of 2018. His work will go on.

The Original “Koren Helmet” Developed By Dr. Michael Persinger & Stan Koren:

More Info on The God Helmet®

The 8 Coil Shakti System for altered states, mood enhancement and meditation.THE 8 COIL SHAKTI

Spiritual Technology for Altered States, Meditation Enhancement and Mood Enhancement.
Designed for intense Altered States

Shakti uses magnetic fields to create mood enhancements, altered states, and to enhance meditation and other spiritual practices. Shakti’s magnetic fields carry signals derived from brain structures known to be involved with spirituality and to induce altered states of consciousness. The 8 Coil Shakti headset alternates this magnetic stimulation between two sets of magnetic coils, building momentum towards more intense experiences. It’s also for mood enhancement and meditation enhancement. Pricing >

Although Shakti is designed for altered states in general, it has been used successfully for these experiences and effects (follow the links to learn more):

The Koren Helmet is a lab apparatus, and is not availble to the public. The 8 Coil Shakti is the closest system to the Koren Helmet.

The Original “Koren Helmet” Developed By Dr. M.A. Persinger & S. Koren. Not available to the public. More Info








NOTE: The 8 Coil Shakti replaced the (discontinued) Shakti Helmet, and is sometimes called by that name, even though it does not use a helmet shell.

More info on the 8 Coil Shakti

2 and 4 Coil Shakti

Affordable starter unit. Less powerful, but still capable of interesting effects.

More info on the 2 and 4 Coil Shakti

New Book:  Déjà Vu & Other Spiritual Gifts (Click to see on Amazon.com)

By Neuroscientist Todd Murphy

Déjà Vu is a spiritual gift, and there are others waiting  for you in the same place – your brain and mind.  If you have Déjà Vu often, then you probably also have other gifts, like sensing presences when you’re alone, or tingling in your hands.  It also gives simple instructions about how to open your psychic “sight”, go deeper into prayer, learn to heal by laying on hands, and other skills that use your spiritual gifts.

Available on Amazon.com


Sacred Pathways: The Brain's Role in Religious and Mystic Experiences. Religion meets science in the brain.Sacred Pathways: The Brain’s Role In Religious and Mystic Experiences

By Neuroscientist Todd Murphy

By Todd Murphy
Foreword by H.H. the Dalai Lama
Foreword by Dr. Michael A. Persinger
506 pages, paperback
See it HERE

A new integration of science and spirituality based on brain activity and human evolution. Sacred Pathways explains how the brain areas that support Near-Death Experiences are also the basis for mystic experience during our lives.

“Sacred Pathways is the Principia (“book of basic principles”) or (“first work”) of the scientific investigation of spiritual experiences. … Individuals who appoint themselves protectors of “true knowledge” may find this book disquieting.” – Dr. Michael Persinger

“In this book, Professor Todd Murphy recounts what he has discovered about the brain’s role in religious and mystic experience; findings that interested readers will no doubt find illuminating.” – His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

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Listen to podcasts on religion and the brain.

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Videos on religion and science, which meet in the human brain.Videos

Lectures on Spirituality, Religion and the Brain (with subtitles)

Dr. M.A. Persinger on magnetism and the brain – YouTube: Interview 1 Interview 2 Interview 3

Persinger on eliciting Fragments of Near-death Experiences

Dr. Michael Persinger on a range of topics on YouTube (Daily routine, Psychotropic drugs, Koren helmet, A few philosophical comments, and more). His most popular online lecture is No More Secrets“, about the “Octopus” experiments that demonstrated telepathic effects in the lab. Dr. Michael Persinger is a leading researcher in the field of neurotheology, the study of the brain’s role in religious and mystic experiences as well as religious belief.

Latest video – Archetypes in Human Evolution – Carl Jung Meets Charles Darwin


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A collection of articles: Spiritual Personality ~ Deja Vu ~ Romantic Love ~ Sexuality ~ Consciousness ~ Archetypes ~ Neuro-Meditations ~ Evolution ~ Near-Death Experiences ~ God ~ Enlightenment ~ “Seeing the Divine in Creation” ~ Sacred Lands ~ Free Spiritual Aptitude ~ Ghostbusting with Shakti ~ Reply to “Neuroscience for the Soul” ~ (off-topic) What Caused the Big Bang? (A Speculative hypothesis) ~ More

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The Whissel Dictionary of Affect in Language

The Whissel Dictionary of Affect in Language is a research tool that lets researchers quantify the “feeling” aspect of language. Until it was developed, there was no way to measure how people were feeling when they were speaking or writing. Now, its possible to measure the un-measureable, and turn collections of anecdotal evidence into hard evidence by using this cutting-edge scientific measuring tool. You can use it to assign meaningful numbers to people are feel (if you have their words in text form), without trying to force their free-flowing feelings into the narrow boxes of psychological questionnaires. Learn More about it Here, and Download it Here. It’s freeware. No payment or registration required.


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