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Terms and conditions for obtaining the Shiva Neural Stimulation System.

◊  Do not use Shiva if You Have a History of Epilepsy, Migraine Headaches or Psychiatric Disorders, or if you have a damaged or compromised Brain.

◊  Do not use Shiva if you are taking psychiatric medications.

◊  Do not use Shiva if you do do not understand English.

◊  Do not use Shiva if you under 18 years old.

◊  Do not use it at the same time as other mind-machines.  It may be less effective when combined with alcohol or drugs.

◊  Report any unexpected effects to the webmaster.

◊  Use only with Magnetic Coils – not with electric current.

◊  Follow the illustrations and setup procedures carefully.

◊  Use only the suggested session designs.

◊  Use at your own risk. Use with care.

Note the following:

◊ Shiva runs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.   You can use it on most older PCs.  Tech support is free.

◊  A few people (approximately 2%) have experienced mild headaches using this technology. These are usually not headaches, but rather sensations of pressure. Lower the volume (magnetic field strength) in the Shiva Signal Generator by 1/3 in the unlikely event that they appear for you.

◊  Software author may reproduce reports, tech support e-mails, and other communications related to the Shiva System. Your name and e-mail address will never be revealed.

◊  All units have a one-year warranty on parts and workmanship. All units are tested prior to shipping.



In the USA, you can order by calling 24/7  (Toll-Free)

The Shiva System is $649.00 plus shipping
Shipping within the USA – $20.00
Shipping to all other countries – $40.00

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