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Terms and conditions for obtaining the Shiva Neural Stimulation System.

◊  Do not use Shiva if You Have a History of Epilepsy, Migraine headaches or Psychiatric Disorders, or if you have a damaged or compromised Brain.

◊  Do not use Shiva if you are taking psychiatric medications.

◊  Do not use Shiva if you do do not understand English.

◊  Do not use Shiva if you under 18 years old.

◊  Do not use it at the same time as other mind-machines or in combination with drugs.

◊  Report any unexpected effects to the webmaster.

◊  Use only with Magnetic Coils – and not with electric current.

◊  Follow the illustrations and setup procedures carefully.

◊  Use only the suggested session designs.

◊  Use at your own risk. Use with care.

Note the following:

◊ Shiva does not run on the Mac Operating system.

◊  A few people have experienced mild headaches using this technology.(Informed consent about headaches). They have been relieved using common headache remedies. They are often not headaches in the usual sense of the word, but are rather sensations of pressure.  In such cases, users should lower the volume in the Shiva Signal Generator by 1/3.

◊  Software author reserves the right to reproduce any and all reports, tech support e-mails, and other communications subsequent to the software. Your name and e-mail address will never be revealed.

◊  All units are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and may be returned for a replacement. Contact tech support prior to returning yours to be sure a replacement is needed. All units are tested prior to shipping.



In the USA, you can order by calling 24/7  (Toll-Free)

The Shiva System is $649.00 plus shipping
Shipping within the USA – $20.00
Shipping to all other countries – $40.00

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1.5% reported them occurring briefly during sessions. 2% reported minor or subtle headaches after sessions. 4% reported sensations that were like headaches, but were not unpleasant. 3% reported ordinary headaches following sessions.

If you experience headaches using this technology, lower the volume (field strength) by one third.  This has proved to be the simplest way avoid them.