The (Shiva) God Helmet, Endorsed by Dr. Michael Persinger.

The Shiva System's God Helmet (top) and the 1st lab prototype (bottom).This is the same God Helmet technology used in the famous laboratory experiments that produced visions of God in some subjects in a neuroscience lab. Other subjects had a range of altered-state experiences, including religious bliss and out-of-body experiences. 
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The God Helmet (part of the Shiva Neural Stimulation System).
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The God Helmet (available here) is a cutting-edge mind technology made famous by Dr. Michael Persinger, and seen on many television documentaries. It’s elicited a wide range of spiritual and mystical experiences, visions, out-of-body experiences, and even visions of God. There are many online videos showing it in use.

The God helmet configuration for the Shiva Neural System.

The God Helmet uses quiet magnetic signals to gently stimulate the brain, eliciting spiritual sensations, moods, and experiences. The magnetic fields are about as strong as the ones from a landline telephone speaker or a hair dryer.

The laboratory God Helmet

It’s name came from a journalist who wanted to make their article about Persinger’s experiments on the sensed presence more interesting by giving the Koren Helmet (built by Stan Koren) a more impressive name. Although a small percentage of Persinger & Koren’s subjects in the sensed presence experiments did have meetings with God, most sessions in the lab created other spiritual experiences. These included out-of-body experiences, visions of an infinite ‘Void’, patterns of light, paranormal episodes, and a range of other mystical experiences and sensations.

A simple animation showing how the stimulation rotates over the temporal lobes

These pages will try to explain as much as possible about this landmark technology, now replicated in the Shiva Neural System.

The Koren Helmet is an important research tool in the science of understanding spirituality, especially the brain’s role in mystic and religious experience. Spiritual and religious beliefs are another matter, of course.

This is the first time this type of device has been available to the public, as part of the Shiva Neural System.

The God Helmet's Coils are placed over the brain's temporal lobes

The God Helmet setup for the Shiva Neural Stimulation System uses four USB sound devices (included with the system) to create eight independent stereo channels. Magnetic fields cycle between the four coils on one or both sides of your head, over the temporal lobes. These fields change in strength every few milliseconds, so they’re also magnetic signals, using magnetic fields to carry information to the brain.

It’s name comes from the fact that a small group (less than two percent) of subjects working with Persinger had meetings with God during Koren Helmet sessions. This may be too small a percentage to justify the name, but the phenomenon is so striking that it seemed right to some journalists and writers. The name stuck.

Persinger’s experiments with The God / Koren Helmet were first developed to test a theory about what happens in the brain when someone has mystical or religious experiences

The (Shiva) God Helmet in use in Dr. Michael Persinger’s lab. The magnetic coils are placed around the temporal lobes.
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This technology feeds information into the brain through fluctuating magnetic fields. The fields move in two ways.

One of them is fast (several times per second), and the other is very slow (happening once after 20 to 30 minutes).

The fast motion is the rotation of the fields, cycling between the four coils, placed over each of the temporal lobes (the area above and forward of the ears). The exact place where the field is applied changes constantly.

The stimulation moves in a circle. As one location in the brain responds, the surrounding ones become quieter, like peaks and valleys in a wave on water. Moving the stimulation from one place to another makes it hard for the brain to “get used to” the signal or to “tune it out”.

The slower movement happens as the stimulation sessions go through their two phases. The first phase uses one signal over one area, and the second phase applies another signal over a second area. Each one lasts 20 to 30 minutes, so that the sessions are forty to sixty minutes long. The “session designs” in the software that drives this technology are based on the most effective ones in the original laboratory experiments.

One signal gets positive responses from one side of the brain, and another signal gets positive effects from the other side of the brain, and this allows different sessions to have different effects, like peace and calm from one signal, and more upbeat, happier feelings from another. The differences are a lot like the way the two sides of the brain support different moods, functions and also, types of religious experience.

The first phase of a God / Koren Helmet session builds up activity slowly in one brain area. The second phase shunts it into another (brain parts known to support spiritual and mystical experiences) very quickly, so that the second area bursts into activity suddenly. The result is a spiritual response that would ordinarily be hard to achieve.

Each brain is different, and these differences mean the exact effects of each session can’t the same for everyone. Spirituality means different things to different people. It’s not a “one size fits all” process. There are several sessions in the software using a variety of signals, focusing on one side of the brain or the other, so you can find the one that works best for you. Free tech support and advice is available.

A short video on how the God Helmet Works.
This animation shows how the sessions use two different signals to create it’s effects. In fact, all sessions in the software use two signals, one after the other (Animation opens in a new window).

A basic introduction to this technology.

More advanced information.

This is the most powerful mind technology in the Shakti family of Neural Technologies, and there are possible side effects for each session design, but only for people who have psychiatric problems, or who choose to use it unsafely. These are very uncommon, but are still described in the software on the pages for each, along with ways to stop them if they appear.

This is a safe technology, but there are a few simple safety guidelines.

Interestingly, the Earth’s magnetic field can help make your sessions more effective.

The current Geomagnetic Field State can be seen here.

The Shiva Neural System includes the hardware and the software you need to do God Helmet sessions, and for Michael Persinger’s “Octopus” device (the Shiva configuration), used to elicit psychic perceptions in the laboratory. Learn about this fascinating science.

Please note that this technology isn’t Transcranial Magnetic stimulation (TMS), which is only used in clinics, and isn’t available to the public. TMS uses magnetic fields a million times stronger, and doesn’t use the signals developed by Dr. Michael Persinger.

A Short History of the Laboratory God Helmet’s development.

The laboratory God HelmetThe original God Helmet (also known as the Koren Helmet) was invented through a long process that took several years. The theory that inspired it rested on Dr. Michael A. Persinger’s observation (1984); that people who have religious experiences also have more “temporal lobe signs” than others. These are sensations like déjà vu, smells that aren’t there, feelings of movement when one’s body is keeping still, and most importantly, the sensed presence.  That’s the feeling that someone or something is standing behind you, but when you turn to look, there’s no one there. This told him that more powerful experiences, like out of body experiences or seeing God, also rely on activity in the same brain areas. That’s why the magnetic coils used in the God Helmet are placed over the temporal lobes, the area just above the ears.

The next step (1992) in developing the God Helmet was the realization that our brains actually have two senses of self, mainly located within the two hemispheres of the brain. This showed that the experience of deities and muses (and other non-physical beings) are actually one of the senses of self appearing where the other one can perceive it. One of them is perceived as a “self” within our bodies, and the other one experienced as a being outside of us.  They are both part of who we are. Because the primary language centers are mostly on one side, one of these “selves” (on the left) thinks in words, while the other one makes unspoken, silent contributions to our minds.

Dr. M.A. Persinger, who pioneered these efforts, was also looking for the ideal signals. He compared different frequencies to one another, and saw that some elicited more effects than others, but the breakthrough came (1993) when he started working with a signal derived directly from the amygdala (while burst-firing) in the limbic system.  It contributes to our emotions as well as our ability to relate to other people. It’s not surprising that stimulating it using its own signal could trigger the experience of another being, just as the amygdala helps us relate to other people in our daily lives.  It’s signal (1994) proved to be one of the most effective for triggering the sensed presence, including visions of God and angelic beings. One subject even saw her cat.

The lab prototype God Helmet.

Not long after this (1994), Dr. Persinger found another signal, taken from another deep brain part, the hippocampus.  He found this signal felt much better when it was applied to the right hemisphere than the left. On the right side of the brain, the hippocampus is crucial for any kind of pictures in our mind, including memories, dreams, imagination and spiritual visions.

The following year (1995), Dr. Persinger published a paper reporting that the God Helmet induced out of body experiences in some subjects, most commonly when the Earth’s magnetic field was unsettled.

2 years after that (1997), Dr. Persinger published a paper saying that the “sensed presence“, is part of a whole spectrum of “visitor experiences”, which has the sense of a presence on one end, and visions of God on the other.  The difference is one of degree, and not the neural processes that support them.

The next year (1998), Persinger published a study in which he found that magnetic stimulation of the brain was able to enhance the visual effects of LSD.

In 2001, Dr. Persinger published his landmark paper “The Neuropsychiatry of Paranormal Experiences,” which laid out his procedure for eliciting the sensed presence and other “visitor experiences”, up to and including visions of God.

Quote: ” … our sensed presence studies … suggest that the neurofunctional conditions precipitating the experience of a sensation of contact with an infinite and eternal source and the subjective feeling of inner peace, the antithesis of death anxiety,  (are) subject to experimental manipulation and testing”.

Dr. Persinger’s work with the God Helmet went on for more than 15 years after the last of the studies mentioned here was published (there are many others) .  His work with the God Helmet (also known as the “Koren Helmet”) is widely regarded as crucial science for the brain’s role in religious and mystic experiences. However, his work doesn’t prove that there is no God, and he never claimed that his studies offered such proof. Just because God may work through our brains does not mean that He exists only in our brains.

Review comments and testimonials for the (Shiva) God Helmet:

The signals cycle through the coils on each side of the God Helmet.(Individual Results may vary*.  Edited for spelling and grammar.)

“I have a Shiva Neural Stimulation system and I’m very happy with it. After the first try (I used one of the God Helmet sessions) I was a little uncomfortable, but I also felt much happier and I felt a kind of flow (energy flow?) inside my body. This continued for a few days before its intensity started to fade. The next time I tried, I didn’t have the uncomfortable feeling, but one of happiness and I would say a different look at things and the world.
Over the next months I used several other sessions and found that their effects differed from one another. Some of them were more effective for me than others. The best feeling it gave me so far is the flow of happiness I mentioned before. It makes me more energetic, and I even started enjoying some tasks at work I had once hated. I also found that it improved communication with other people and made it also more enjoyable and productive. I’ve only gone through 20-30% of the sessions so far and I’m very excited about the many more positive surprises I’ll get from the system.” 
(Using a session called Modulated 40 hertz ‘chirp’ signal over both sides followed by amygdala over the left.)


“(I’ve used) it about 6 times now. I was interested in it for the right hippocampus stimulation and left amygdala stimulation. I have been ‘vibrating’ while awake. Having more visions and ‘seeing’ people’s auras. My … (friend)… has used it and has now seen someone’s aura. People are starting to tell him very private things after only meeting him for a few minutes. … (I’m) still ‘playing’ with it. I’m keeping a journal of my experiences. So far I’m happy I got it.” *


“I was using (…) a “god helmet” to see if it would boost my OBE (Out-of-body Experience) experience. It did. I experienced total knowledge and connection to everything. I experienced a level of joy that cannot be explained with words. I was a globe of white light among an infinite number of other white lights. I floated as close as possible to get near the great light; it was massive, pervading everything except the space we were in.” * (Online source.)


This device was used in an episode of the television program Paranormal Lockdown.

“… one of the highlights of the new season was the use of the God Helmet, originally called the Koren Helmet, which was created to study things like creativity and religious experience. Nick (who used the Helmet) said their sessions with the helmet produced “incredible results”, adding: “It was truly an uplifting experience. It really helped me rise above the negativity of this extremely haunted location.” (Original source.)*


“… this morning I did a God Helmet session. This was a pretty intense experience. Think binaural beats or perhaps CES at a delta or theta state, but much stronger. Very pleasant overall experience with lots of very strong and colorful hypnagogic flashes. There was a peacefulness about it. The experience felt very warm and very safe. It’s hard to describe. Now I am no stranger to altered states, so my perception of pleasant might be another’s “weird” or “just too intense”. I can see why people report a presence or in some cases a sense of God. I would describe that element of the experience more like the feeling one has on psychedelics, that feeling of oneness or interconnection. I would describe it that way.” (Online source.)*


“I seem to get good visuals with the chirp signal on the right hemisphere. Using the first half of the original Koren helmet session, the chirp signal does not elicit ‘negative’ emotions in me, but rather strong imagery (for my standards) and intuitions. The amygdala signal on the left side elicits a strong feeling of well-being, affection and ‘connectedness’.” *


“Myself and a handful of others have been using this system … for several months now and the subjective reporting tends to cluster and lines up with what you would expect. … Stimulate the hippocampus and you’ll get into a more “wordless” space that feels much like a deep meditation for me. Stimulate the amygdala and you’ll get an improved feeling of well-being. I’m not a brain scientist or a researcher, just exploring on my own, but based on what I’ve read, the effects fall in line with expectations. The device was developed by Dr. Persinger and has been used in a number of published experiments in peer-reviewed journals. … So far my experience has been very positive and surprising … * (Online Comment.)



NOTE: The “Sensed Presence” experience, common with this technology in experiments by Dr. Michael Persinger, is less frequent with the Shiva System in its God / Koren Helmet configuration. This may have to do with the rigorous conditions for the laboratory experiments, compared to the way people use it at home.

The (16 coil) Shiva System includes:

+ Software and hardware for God Helmet sessions.
+ The original Shiva for Windows software and Hardware (for Psychic Skills & Spiritual Growth).
+ The 8 Coil Shakti software, including the Feelgood session, and instructions for converting the Shiva System to a Shakti System
+ All sessions for the 2 and 4 coil Shakti systems.
+ The magnetic signals used for the (now discontinued) old Shakti Helmet. Note: The old Shakti Helmet was not a version of the God or Koren Helmets.


+ The Shiva system can be configured to do anything that any of our systems can do (including the Shiva and Shakti Systems).

+ Shiva uses four USB-powered Sound Devices (included with the system) for a total of eight audio channels. It does not require any external power supply.

+ The Shiva software contains instructions for stripping down your Shiva system to an 8 Coil Shakti unit, a two-channel system that uses only one sound device.

+ The Shiva System is not guaranteed to run on Mac computers running Bootcamp. We have had reports of success with VirtualBox.

+ Runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, WINDOWS 10 and WINDOWS 11.

+ Free tech support.


The Shiva Neural Stimulation System is
$649.00  Plus Shipping
(Shipping – $20.00 in the USA & $40.00 for all other countries)


 (One of the configurations for The Shiva Neural Stimulation System).

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Legal: The stimulation signals are based on the signal templates licensed by Stan Koren and Dr. Michael Persinger.
Shiva does not prevent, diagnose or treat any medical disorders.
The God Helmet Experiments (Book) article

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Video Lecture: “God and the Brain” (1:45:00)

Lecture about the God Helmet on YouTube.

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