The Hippocampus and The God Helmet

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God Helmet Sessions can make use of a wave form derived from the Hippocampus.

The hippocampus is a very cognitive structure – it ‘thinks’, though not on it’s own. It’s been called the brain’s ‘contextualization engine’. It puts things in context, and that means everything. On the left, it thinks in words, and on the right, it thinks in ways that cannot be expressed in words, including colors, flavors, smells, melodies, chords, symbols, and more.

Question –

What does the Hippocampus do?

It turns short-term memories into long-term ones.
This is one of the best-understood hippocampal functions. See any neurology text or even an encyclopedia listing for the hippocampus 



It recognizes objects.
, Emma, R. ; Mumby, Dave G. Pinel, John P.J.; Phillips, Anthony G. “Impaired Object Recognition Memory in Rats following ischemia-induced damage to the hippocampus” Behavioral Neuroscience v107, n1 (Feb, 1993) : 51 (12 pages)


It helps us do “Cognition”, both verbal and nonverbal.
, Robert U.; “The Hippocampus as a cognitive Graph.” Journal of General Physiology v107 n6 (June, 1996) : 663 (32 pages)  It processes music, and recognizes patterns.  This is one of the better-understood hippocampal functions. See any neurology text or even an encyclopedia listing for the hippocampus for more information.


It responds to childhood abuse as it grows. (The left hippocampus is typically 12% smaller than the right in childhood abuse victims.)
, J. Douglas; Randal, Penny; Vermetten, Eric; Staib, Lawrence; “Magnetic Resonance imaging-based measurement of hippocampal volume in post traumatic stress disorder related to childhood physical and sexual abuse: A preliminary Report.” Biological Psychiatry, 1997, Jan, v41 (n1) : 23-32


It helps us to remember faces.
Gary, Smith, Michael E, Halogen, Eric. “Neural Encoding of individual words and faces by the human hippocampus and amygdala.” Nature, v333, n6175 (June 23, 1988) : 773 (3 pages)


It retrieves long-term memories of events and places.
Kesner, Raymond P. “An attribute analysis of memory: The role of the Hippocampus.” Physiological Psychology, 1980, Jun, v8, (n2) : 189-197


It atrophies under stress.
, Robert M. “Why stress is bad for your brain” Science, 1996, Aug, v273 (n5276) : 749-750


It supports the experience of novelty, so that new things are exciting.
, Robert T, “Contribution of the Human Hippocampus to novelty detection” Nature, 1996, Sep, v383 (n6597) : 256-259


On the left, it helps with verbal learning.
, Gregory P. Loring, David W. Smith, Joseph R.; Flanigan, Herman F., “Material specific learning during electrical stimulation of the Human Hippocampus.” Cortex 1990 Sept v26 (n3) : 433-442


On the right, it helps spatial learning.
, B. “Brain region takes a hack at navigation. (Navigational information is processed in the right hippocampus…) Science News v152 n13 (Sept 27, 1997) : 198


On the right, it produces pleasant experiences under magnetic signal stimulation (including inner visual imagery in some subjects)
, Michael A., ; Richards, Pauline M.; Koren, Stanley A. “Differential ratings of pleasantness following right and left application of low-energy magnetic fields that stimulate long-term potentiation” International journal of neuroscience , 1994 Dec, v79 )n3-4) : 191-197, –and– Unpublished lab results.

Additional Information:
There are uncommon temporary effects that can occur when sessions are done once a week, including headaches and lethargy. These are more a sensation of pressure than a normal headache. They don’t recur after the third or fourth weekly session, and they respond to common over-the-counter headache medicines.



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