Testimonials for the Shiva God Helmet

Thanks are due to Dr. Michael Persinger for his extensive help in developing The Shiva Stimulation System. Persinger’s Endorsement.
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Testimonials for the Shiva God Helmet.
Individual Results may vary* as seen in the reports below.

 I have the Shiva God Helmet and have used it about 6 times now. I was interested in it for the right hippocampus stimulation and left amygdala stimulation. I have been been ‘vibrating’ while awake. Having more visions and ‘seeing’ peoples auras. My … (friend)… has used it and has now seen someone’s aura. People are starting to tell him very private things after only meeting him for a few minutes. …
(I’m) still ‘playing’ with it. I’m keeping a journal of my experiences. So far I’m happy I got it.” *

God Helmet 40 min session using the Modulated 40 hertz ‘chirp’ signal over both sides followed by amygdala over the left.

First phase: felt a little agitated, then a circular sensation in my head felt heat on my skull.
Second phase: Tingling sensation on my hands and arms. Very visual experience. Went flying in the air. Felt like I can see my own energy field, (that) some call aura. Not much color, I could feel the difference when the session stopped. Like turning down the lights. Then I saw my shadow that (sometimes) feels like the weight on my spirit.

After session: light headed, a good feeling

Next day: Reading my daily 100 emails and (finding) the info is easier, (and there is) less feeling of being overwhelmed. (I) Feel calmer. Will maintain positive attitude, which naturally will help. *

A dark shape floated by, some faces and other shapes as well, small bright spots and it appeared that there were some dim backgrounds lights on. Fell asleep. Awoke with a start. Nothing was happening so I looked at the software and there was no activity. Color perception was greatly enhanced and very granular. I fell asleep again.

03:58 a.m. Awoke from an incredibly lucid dream in which I was part of a water sports team that held the game in a river. We played the game as we moved downstream with the current. The team leader was training me to lead the team so that I could lead a team of my own. The opposition would come at us from both sides attempting to wrestle under as we moved downstream. At the end of the game we all picnicked on the riverbank but inland under a grove of trees and there was an SUV there that looked a lot like a large PT Cruiser with the most incredibly beautiful metallic green paint. After the dream I felt very powerful and nearly invincible. My mental state was much more focused and clear of purpose. I have a memory of jumping from a cliff similar to the movie “Avatar” where I spoke a different language. As I jumped I shouted “Ralah-Hweeee!” As I landed I spoke the words “Ramak-Nah” which was how I controlled gravity so that I would land safely. Back to sleep.
07:06 a.m. Awoke from an extremely vivid dream where I was trading goods. A dishonest trader sold me a $25 dollar loaf of “special red bread” I dropped the vendor permanently as a lesson to him to be honest in the future. I left the market and went home in a severe thunder storm with lightening and warm rain. There was a dog with me and upon arrival at the place that was my home, I found Tad (my favorite dog) in the vestibule on the way into the house. Back to sleep.
08:24 a.m. Awoke from another extremely vivid dream where I played poker for a living. Another dream during this period I had planted a garden on a raised embankment that was around 8 feet high and several feet wide. The third dream in this sleep cycle I thwarted a blackmailer. *

God Helmet Session – 40hz chirp signal over the left side of the brain, followed by the hippocampal signal over both sides.

I used the ‘Shiva Neural Stimulation system’ for the first time the other day and again I was surprised by the outcome. My intention was to heighten … my intuition, and 30 minutes after my session I experienced ‘Samadhi’ (intense God realization) Whoa! (Archived link). *

“I have a Shiva Neural Stimulation system and I’m very happy with it. After the first try (I used one of the God Helmet sessions) I was a little uncomfortable, but I also felt much happier and I felt a kind of flow (energy flow?) inside my body. This continued for a few days before it’s intensity started to fade. The next time I tried, I didn’t have the uncomfortable feeling, but one of happiness and I would say a different look at things and the world.

Over the next months I used several other sessions and found that their effects differed from one another. Some of them were more effective for me than others. The best feeling* it gave me so far is the flow of happiness I mentioned before. It makes me more energetic, and I even started enjoying some tasks at work I had once hated. I also found that it improved communication with other people and made it also more enjoyable and productive. I’ve only gone through 20-30% of the sessions so far and I’m very exited about the many more positive surprises I’ll get from the system.”

* Using a session called ‘Modulated 40 hertz ‘chirp signal over both sides followed by amygdala over the left’. *

“I was using (…) a ” god helmet” to see if it would boost my OBE experience, it did. I experienced total knowledge and connection to everything. I experienced a level of joy that cannot be explained with words. I was a globe of white light among an infinite number of other white lights. I floated as close as possible to get near the great light, it was massive, pervading everything except the space we were in.” (source) *

“… this morning I did a God Helmet session. This was a pretty intense experience. Think binaural beats or perhaps CES at a delta or theta state, but much stronger. Very pleasant overall experience with lots of very strong and colorful hypnagogic flashes. There was a peacefulness about it. The experience felt very warm and very safe. It’s hard to describe. Now I am no stranger to altered states, so my perception of pleasant might be another’s “weird” or “just too intense”. I can see why people report a presence or in some cases a sense of God. I would describe that element of the experience more like the feeling one has on psychedelics, that feeling of oneness or interconnection. I would describe it that way.” (source) *

“I seem to get good visuals with the chirp signal on the right hemisphere. Using the first half of the original Koren helmet session, the chirp signal does not elicit ‘negative’ emotions in me, but rather strong imagery (for my standards) and intuitions. The amygdala signal on the left side elicits a strong feeling of well-being, affection and ‘connectedness’.” *

“I felt very relaxed and light weighted (almost like floating) with a light numbness all over, (and) had several hypnagogic visuals during the session”!*   40 Minute Modulated 40 hertz ‘chirp’ signal over both sides followed by amygdala over the left.

Dr. Michael A. Persinger’s Endorsement of the Shiva System’s God Helmet (PDF)

NOTE: The “Sensed Presence” experience, common with this technology in Dr. M.A. Persinger’s lab, is infrequent with the Shiva System in it’s God Helmet configuration. It may have to do with the very rigorous laboratory conditions for the so-called “God Helmet Experiments”, compared to the way people use it at home.


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Sacred Pathways: The Brain’s Role In Religious and Mystic Experiences
By Todd Murphy

Foreword by H.H. the Dalai Lama
Foreword by Dr. Michael A. Persinger.
506 pages, paperback
Order HERE. Sacred Pathways is the Principia (“book of basic principles” or “first work”) of the scientific investigation of spiritual experiences. … Individuals who appoint themselves protectors of “true knowledge” may find this book disquieting.” – Dr. M.A. Persinger
“In this book, Professor Todd Murphy recounts what he has discovered about the brain’s role in religious and mystic experience; findings that interested readers will no doubt find illuminating” – H.H. The Dalai Lama
Legal: Shiva Neural Stimulation signals are based on the God Helmet signal templates licensed by Stan Koren and Dr. Michael A. Persinger. Shiva does not prevent, diagnose or treat any medical disorders.

Note: God Helmet is a registered trademark
The USPTO has given the THE GOD HELMET trademark serial number of 85799845.