The lab prototype God Helmet.

Debate over the God Helmet. A reply to a critic.

Debate over the God Helmet: “Validating New Technologies to Treat Depression, Pain and the Feeling of Sentient Beings: A Reply to ‘Neuroscience for the Soul’ “ Persinger, M.A. and Murphy, T.R. (2016) Validating New Technologies to Treat Depression, Pain and the Feeling of Sentient Beings: A Reply to “Neuroscience for the Soul” . Neuroscience & […]

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16 Coil God Helmet

Strange World’s God Helmet Episode.

The  God Helmet Episode of the TV Show Strange World. The TV program “Strange World” recently aired an episode using The God Helmet.  They had some very striking effects, even though they weren’t able to use it under ideal conditions, and they seemed to want to show it in a negative light, in order to […]

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"Placebo" vs. Actual God Helmet Stimulation.

A Reply to the “Placebo” or “Fake” God Helmet Experiment.

A Reply to the “Fake” God Helmet Experiment. In August 2016, Dutch researcher David Maij and his colleagues did a strange study, carried out not in a laboratory, but in a Dutch music festival (The Lowlands Festival). They invited people attending the festival to undergo a placebo procedure using a helmet wired up to look […]

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Dr. Michael Persinger

The God Helmet Remains Available

The Shiva God Helmet, endorsed by Dr. Michael Persinger, is still available. (Link is to a PDF which opens in a new window)   Dr. Persinger wasn’t directly involved with the Shiva God Helmet, except as a (very encouraging) advisor, so his deeply regrettable passing away has no effect on its availability. His work will […]

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Updating the software for the God Helmet

God Helmet Software Updates. Updates are free, and are delivered via download links sent to you by email, after verifying that you have a Shiva system. The name you used when you ordered your Shiva (and God Helmet) System will be your registration code.   .

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links to set up pages

Pages on setting up the (Shiva) God Helmet. The Sound Hardware Putting on the Coils Setting Volume  Problems Shiva And Laptops Shiva And Desktops SAFETY

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The Science of the God Helmet

The Science of The God Helmet Introduction to God Helmet Technology Understanding the Koren Helmet Understanding Mystic Experiences Links to Research Papers Answers to Critics Online Lecture (YouTube) (Opens in new Window) God Helmet News Reply to the “Fake” or “Placebo” God Helmet Study. God Helmet validated by independent researchers.  

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