God Helmet – 2 stage session using “chirp” and amygdala signals

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God Helmet session

Phase 1 – “Chirp” signal over the right side

Phase 2 – Amygdala signal signal over both sides

This uses the same session design used in the Koren Helmet studies that yielded visions of God (though only for a small percent of the subjects).

It’s are two-phase session, and the first phase of the session is expected to be somewhat unpleasant for many people.

In the fist phase, the amygdala on the right side is stimulated in the course of stimulation of the right temporal lobe. The right amygdala is specialized for negative emotions, especially fear. The result is that the first phase of the session can be fearful for many people. Women seem to be more prone to this effect (more info).

This only happens in the first half of the session, which sets the stage for the second half. This can be unpleasant enough that you may want to stop it.

If you feel this way (and, if it happens, don’t make it into an endurance contest), you can press the flashing green button that appears on the the screen during the first half of the session (the ‘abort’ button), and you will automatically be taken to the second half of the session.

The second half of the session reduces activity in the “unpleasant” structure, and raises it in the one on the opposite side of the brain. After stimulating the right hemisphere in the first phase, the second phase stimulates the amygdala on both sides, so that the amygdala on the left (specialized for positive emotions) suddenly bursts into activity.

It’s at this point that dramatic effects first begin to appear, and any unpleasant effects from the first phase of the session stop.

The is the session design that elicited visions of God in a few subject, earning the Koren Helmet the nickname God Helmet.

The ‘chirp’ signal is used to activate the right temporal lobe, which will tend to de-activate the left temporal lobe, including the amygdala on the left, with it’s pleasant social and emotional functions. In the second phase, the amygdala signal is applied to both sides, re-establishing the usual balance between the left and right amygdala. The left amygdala should burst suddenly into activity, eliciting the pleasant, emotional phenomena which rely on the amygdala on the left.

The second phase of the session is where the intended effects should appear.

These may include (but are not limited to) a sense of a presence (or a non-physical being), elation, joy, inner imagery, and feelings of love and/or affection.

If you feel fear or anxiety during the first phase of the session, use the ‘abort’ button to move on to the second phase of the session. These are expected possible effects, but they do not mean that anything is wrong. It only means your right temporal lobe may be more active than usual, and you can compensate by moving on to the second phase early. Wait until you feel these feelings clearly, but do not make it an endurance challenge.

If you experience anger or irritability during or after the second phase of this session, do not use it again. This will suggest that the left hippocampus (which contributes to anger and irritability is more than usually connected to the amygdala on the left.

Do not begin with this session if you are prone to anxiety.

NOTE: When you run this session, you may notice that the volume setting for the first phase is 10% higher than the volume level you entered (25% by default). This is not an error. Laboratory work has found that a volume setting of 10% higher {only for this specific session design} in the first phase increases it’s effectiveness overall. To avoid signal distortion for this session:


Setting your volume higher than 82% will cause the second phase of the session to run at a volume above 92%, where signal distortion can occur

These are not live links, but this is what you’ll see in the software to run this session:

60 minute session with Modulated 40 hertz ‘Chirp’ signal over right side followed by Amygdala over the both sides (each phase 30 minutes).

40 minute session with Modulated 40 hertz ‘Chirp’ signal over right side followed by Amygdala over the both sides (each phase 20 minutes).



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Sacred Pathways: The Brain’s Role In Religious and Mystic Experiences
By Todd Murphy

Foreword by H.H. the Dalai Lama
Foreword by Dr. Michael A. Persinger.
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