Shiva Psychic Technology with thanks to the Octopus and Dr. M.A. Persinger.

Magnetic signals rotate around the head.
The Shiva Neural Stimulation
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The Shiva System uses 16 coils to apply it's magnetic stimulation.

Endorsed by Dr. Michael Persinger (PDF -opens in new window).


Shiva is a an example of circumcerebral (around-the-head) magnetic neural stimulation, a cutting-edge kind of “mind machine”. Both laboratory experiments and user reports tell us that it enhances spiritual, intuitive and psychic skills.

In laboratory experiments, psychic perceptions from ordinary people were both evoked and enhanced using this kind of magnetic stimulation. Used as directed, the Shiva Neural System’s magnetic stimulation can heighten spiritual growth and psychic skills, especially telepathy and remote viewing (see the evidence). It’s the same technology used by Dr. M.A. Persinger in his pioneering laboratory studies of psychic perception at Canada’s Laurentian University, where it was called the “Octopus,” for it’s eight pairs of magnetic coils. One of these studies involved the famous remote viewer Ingo Swann.

The Brain’s “Binding Factor”

It’s eight pairs of magnetic coils circle magnetic signals around your head to dampen a specific brain activity called “The Binding Factor for consciousness“. The binding factor is understood to bind us into our normal repertoire of states of consciousness (our mind’s ‘habit zone’), and hold back skills and senses outside that range, so that they’re usually unavailable to us. The Shiva system makes it easier to get into new states of consciousness, have new experiences, acquire new skills, and enhance those you have now – especially the ones based in the right side of the brain.

Shiva Neural Stimulation works in a new and different way – one never used in any commercially available mind machine before. To read more about it, start with the basic explanation of the system, then read about psychic and intuitive skills, and then go to the online software demo, where you will find several pages discussing it from a few different perspectives. There’s also a more technical explanation.

The online demo is a great way to learn about Shiva Neural Stimulation. There, you’ll find scientific information, and essays on how to develop psychic skills using Shiva, as well as information about setting up the Shiva hardware and software.

Shiva specifically targets the right side of the brain; the side most implicated in psychic perception, trance, meditation states, inner images, and thought without words.

How? By moving the signals from back to front over the right side, and in the opposite direction over the left. Thebinding factor‘ is muffled or ‘muted’ on the right more than on the left. Its the only kind of mind machine that works in this way.

The binding factor runs from front to back, repeating every 25 milliseconds (giving it a frequency of 40 hertz).

Shiva rotates the signals around your head in a counterclockwise direction, moving from one pair of coils to the next even as it changes the rotation’s speed.

Shiva deflects the binding factor over the right side much more than over the left. The result is that inhibitions are removed from right hemispheric functions, including the ones that usually mask our psychic perceptions.

The Shiva Neural System revolves magnetic signals around the head.

The speed of the movement from one position to the next changes constantly, at speeds within the theta band.

Augmenting the Brain’s Theta Band.

Almost all mind machines try to increase the brain’s theta activity because it’s associated with psychic skills, relaxation, trance, meditation, dreams, and non-verbal thinking.

The Shiva System rotates the magnetic signals around the head.


Unlike other devices that directly stimulate the brain with theta impulses, Shiva nudges the brain into producing it on its own, without direct theta input. Instead, Shiva relies on a mathematical observation made by Dr. M.A. Persinger, inventor of the first generation of this technology that changing the frequencies within the brain’s theta (EEG) band would involve constantly changing the speed at which the signals rotate around the head. These speeds were used in his lab studies, and in the Shiva Neural Stimulation System. It’s constantly changing frequencies help the brain produce new and unique states of consciousness (different from our day-to-day theta activity).  These novel theta responses open the door for psychic perception and spiritual states.  The doorway to open the mind to new perceptions isn’t a place in the brain.  It’s a band of frequencies; the theta band.

Circumcerebral stimulation is a specialized mind technology. It’s designed specifically to produce effects associated with theta activity such as meditation, trance, visualization, tranquility, psychic perception, equanimity and other ‘inner’ states. It’s been laboratory tested and found to elicit psychic perceptions. Other experiences and feelings related to theta activity await lab testing, but you can see user reports further down on this page.

The research papers are not easy reading, but there is a summary of some of them in these pages, written for simplicity.

Shiva System review comments and testimonials:

There is a wide range of spiritual and psychic phenomena reported from this technology, as you can see from the testimonials below. One source of variation lies in the different kinds of spiritual practices people do, like prayer, meditation, and mental exercises for things like lucid dreaming, remote viewing, visualizations, etc. These can combine with Shiva to amplify and direct it’s many possible effects. If there is a specific phenomenon you want to experience, combine regular use of the Shiva System with daily “inner work” towards that goal. Questions are welcome. Some reports come from people who have no spiritual practice at all. Individual results may vary.*

Once you have read the accounts below, the next thing to do it to look at the research, and dive into the online demo for the Shiva System.


Circumcerebral magnetic stimulation “… gave me an unambiguous, veridical (“accurate”) remote perception or telepathy experience …” * Paul Devereux.


I am a 15-year, professional Remote Viewer, and the creator of the Minddazzle Remote Viewing Kit.

I’ve trained hundreds in Remote Viewing. The hardest element for newcomers to remote viewing/ESP is achieving the right, deep, altered state. The Shiva system has helped me to strengthen my hold on that state. I am getting deeper, faster, than before. And, I can hold it longer. If I’m jolted out, I quickly return to it.  ESP star or student, all will benefit from Shiva and can take their skills to a higher level.* FM Bonsall, Seattle, WA.


“I usually know who’s calling before I get to the phone, and who’s at the door before I answer it. I am also getting very good at knowing what people are thinking about before they say anything. Meditation has definitely improved, too.” *


I am having very interesting results from my sessions. More lucid and detailed dreams, increased levels of Deja Vu, improved volume of precognitive events, are all things that have stood out enough for me to notice.

All that is cool but probably the most noticeable and enjoyable effect thus far has been the +1 or +2 days after a session. I have been experiencing a post session silence in my head, a sort of humming quiet that is very relaxing and soothing. No thoughts in my head but still able to think about things, just in a different, more systemic manner. (using the lab sessions, 40hz chirp and amygdala signals) *

_________________The Shiva Neural System uses 8 channels, applied using 16 magnetic coils.

“Had a very distinct “visit” (including a clear visual) from a sort of “being” or intelligence two days after my first Shiva System Session. I’ve been doing a lot of work attempting to contact specific “entities”… Anyway, I was not expecting anything like this to happen after just one session – especially not so dramatically – and I chalked it up to some sort of … effect caused by my many attempts to do this activating (with little to no success ) in the past. The Persinger session was probably just the jump-start that was needed to push the whole process over-the-edge and on the road to my desired ends.” (Note: Used The Persinger Session, named for it’s developer, Dr. M.A. Persinger. It has a track record for enhancing whatever spiritual technique a person works with.)*


“… I used the ‘Shiva Neural Stimulation system’ for the first time the other day and again I was surprised by the outcome. My intention was to heighten even further my intuition, and 30 minutes after my session I experienced ‘Samadhi’ (intense God realization) Whoa!” (Archived link) *


I have been using the Persinger session on my Shiva system and I wanted to let you know it has made a huge difference in my intuition / tracking patterns for healing.*

“I am working with quite a lot of people with the Shiva unit. Mainly with healers and energy workers. It seems that Shiva is able to strengthen this ability. I had some very good developments and feedback. Quite soon I will write an article about this topic. For those people who are not able to come out of their energy state, I tried a new application with Shiva: The “Retro Shiva” in which I turn the cap (around) and apply the 40hz Chirp Signal (Persinger session). The people are very amazed and feel an enhanced clarity and more structured states.”

“I would describe (the effects of the ‘Persinger Session’) as enhanced perception in which you have the ability to see what’s really going on more clearly. The feeling is that I have been blind before (using the Shiva system). For me, Shiva is the strongest tool I know.” * (edited for grammar). Research at the DeepFocus Institute. website (archived) (Original German report)


” … I have felt a consistent change in my general state of mind, I am much more positive and tolerant. This is very exciting to me, particularly now as I am moving through several changes in my life. I feel that Shiva has helped in keeping me in a positive frame of mind and a calm mood.*


(Using the Persinger Session, I went into) “a mental relaxation that includes what I would describe as a super relaxed, effortless and enlarged awareness, with complete emotional detachment. (My) consciousness became elastic and expanded like ink into water, but still centered on itself. (I was) …literally listening to the world, in reception mode.” * (edited for grammar)


The day after using the device (modulated 40Hz session – the “Consciousness Session”), I stepped outside and colors seemed brighter. The day seemed brighter. Images seem clearer. Car license plates were clearer.*


This is to let you know that my use of the Shiva neural system is still producing results that are always inspiring me to keep up with my enhancements. I have had great improvements in my thinking & everyday life. I have had great success with every session & I am always looking forward to my next session. I have had very good increases in my intuition, creativity, memory & dream awareness. There is no better neural stimulation anywhere to be found. Shiva is the best!! *


I was meditating this PM (the day after a Shiva Session), taking a break from working at home, and after some time, I was jolted out of my reverie with some strange imaging of my daughter who is away at college. The images faded quickly, but the impression was that she wasn’t doing well in some way. … She was stuck in the ice storm and trapped in her car. She is safe now. I knew she was under duress from my meditation. Amazing. * (Using the “Persinger Session”)


First session … Had a visual of a type of alien being during session, as well as a psychic perception concerning a book I ordered a long time ago, the vision told me when it would arrive, and it did arrive as said. The feeling after the session was very similar to the after effects I had from a spiritual experience when I was younger. Very interesting. *(Persinger Session.)


(After using the Caudate Nucleus Shiva Session – 60 minutes) time is just flowing past me, by which I mean life has a sort of timeless quality that’s very pleasant. I have had to wait about for things to be done (the following) morning but rather than be upset by this, life just seems timeless. One way of looking at this effect could be to say I am living in the ‘now’. *


Just finished my first Shiva session and will say it was amazing!! It felt like the energetic dam that holds back the collective divine; … was lowered, allowing my being to be flooded full of the peace and love that embodies our larger divine community. You can sign my name to that endorsement and use as you wish.* Patrick Malone, Vancouver BC


I am using The Shiva neural stimulation system for over 2 months. After the first 2 sessions I noticed I could remember my dreams with great accuracy.  After session number 4, … I can control my OBE/astral traveling a lot better. Before I started using Shiva, I could just go out of the body for a few seconds, and then I would come back. Now I can have a 5-6 minutes journey, with greater clarity and visibility. So far I used only the Persinger session.
I reach a peak (controlled OBE or lucid dreaming), usually the 2nd or 3rd day after a session.*


I have been using your Shiva system for at least 6 years. I have used and/or repeated every program…

Your system has been a wonderful adjunct to my consciousness work and meditation practice. It has been a huge assistance to me in being a caregiver for my wife who has been dealing with …(an illness) … since 2012. I find myself to be more compassionate, patient, humble and more capable of handling unexpected circumstances.*


My intuition has never been stronger, I credit … (The Shiva System) … for a lot of the good things that’ve come my way of late.*


I had a vivid experience which I can only say that it was a glimpse of a past life. I was a 16-ish year old girl’s body wearing a white dress with a wide skirt, playing ring-around-the-rosie with other girls in the same outfit as mine. I was ACTUALLY inside her body and 100% believed I was her.*


I had two OBEs with my first two sessions, and after that, I had them while I was going to sleep. I did my sessions at about 3:00 am, and kept going with them for about 6 weeks, until I had some computer problems. I’m getting it fixed soon, and I’m going to continue my sessions. I had some astral travel experiences, too. I’m very pleased with the Shiva System. * – C. Kretock, New Philadelphia, PA


“I love the dream effects.”* (40 hertz signal)


“My spiritual gifts have accelerated tenfold. My remote viewing and precognition are now like color movies. I now see have an absolute knowing that there is something bigger that I had ever known existed and that we are all connected to it. I can feel the strands that connect us together and have the ability to use them to heal and aide people. My spirit work has been Turbo Powered, so to speak, and I can say it happened and has been happening only since the use of this (Shiva) unit. It is one of the single most powerful experiences of my life and I am certain will continue to be.” (Persinger session with a 16-week on, 3 week off schedule).* (Note that this is from a lifetime practitioner of many spiritual arts).


“The sessions are going well, (I’m) just doing the Persinger sessions now. I can feel my intuition getting stronger. More clarity of “where to go, what to do”.*


” … my meditations have significantly deepened lately, with many increased visions and colors.”* (Persinger Session).


“Just an update, totally had the best, longest dream I have had in awhile, has to be the (Shiva) system. … Sweet Dreams!!! Holy God!!!” *


“It felt like I did super strong meditation, feeling energy all around the borders of my body. Usually, I need to meditate intensively for several days to get to this kind of feeling, with Shiva, I got this in 1 hour. While going to sleep, I even had a half-dream-half-wake vision like I’m floating and I’m being separated from “reality” from what I was seeing, like before I was inside the TV, inside the movie and suddenly I’m going out of the movie and becoming the observer, watching the movie.
I’m amazed and very excited. This is what I was searching (for)”*(Amygdala and Hippocampus signals, Special Architecture.)

More Shiva Neural System Testimonials, Reviews and User Reports.

The Shiva Neural System's headset.

Shiva is easy to set up – if you follow the instructions in the software. It shows you how to do it in four steps, and get your Shiva hardware going in just a few minutes. There is also tech support available. Tech support is free.

The Shiva Neural System cycles magnetic signals around the head.Shiva comes with four identical USB sound devices that produce the 8 channel output, and they all use the same driver. Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 all recognize the devices automatically. Free Tech Support is available in case you aren’t sure of anything.

The (16 coil) Shiva system includes:

1) The original Shiva for Windows software and Hardware (for Psychic Skills).

2) Software and hardware for God Helmet sessions.

3) The 8 Coil Shakti software, including the Feelgood session.

4) All sessions for the 2 and 4 coil Shakti systems.

5) The magnetic signals used for the (now discontinued) old Shakti Helmet. Note: The old Shakti Helmet was not a version of the “God Helmet.”

The Shiva system can be configured to do anything that any of the systems can do (Shiva, God Helmet, and Shakti).

NOTE: The Shiva software contains instructions for converting it to any of the other systems can do, and includes all of their software.

Shiva uses four USB-powered Sound Devices (included with the system) for a total of eight audio channels. It does not require any external power supply.


Requires Internet Explorer, V. 4 or later. Note that Internet Explorer is included with Windows 10 and 11.

$649.00 plus shipping


The Shiva System uses the same hardware as the God Helmet, and includes both softwares, so it can be set up and used as either system.

The Shiva System is $649.00 plus shipping
Shipping within the USA – $20.00
Shipping to all other countries – $40.00

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