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Understanding Shakti


. 2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


Sound Setup


......Automatic Sound Setup - Windows XP


......Sound Setup - Windows Vista


......Control panel sound


......Check Left / Right Stereo Channels


......Set your volume


......Find volume level for your sound card


......Turn Special Effects Off


Your Hardware


......2 Coils | 4 Coils | .8 Coil Shakti


......North and South Poles


......Converting 8 Coil Shakti to 2 or 4 Coils


Connecting Your Shakti


Starter Sessions - 8 Coil


How to put on the coils


.....2 Coils | 4 Coils | .8 Coils


Choose your signal


Where to put the coils


Choose Session Length


......Test session


......20 minute session


......30 minute session


......60 minute session


......By "Dead-Reckoning"


How Often To Do Sessions?




......Every Three Days


......Once a Week


......Once a Month


......Taking Breaks


Facilitating Experiences


Beginning Questionnaire


What to do during your sessions.



A Few ways to set your Volume







Screensaver Without Audio.  One way to be sure your audio screensaver does not add to your Shakti signals is to run one without sound.  This Tunnel Screensaver by St'phane Mitermite   http://stephane.mitermite.free.fr/index_en.html


Time your Sessions With a Stopwatch.  FreeWatch is By Gordon Whidby   http://www2.whidbey.com/gordonf/FreeWatch/


You can raise your bass to enhance Shakti's low-frequencies.  (For use with gauss meter)


Opens multimedia panel where you can check your available sound devices


 View signal - Oscilloscope & Spectrum Display


Launch Function Generator


Identify your sound card



Tool to switch the default Sound card. - Runs in the taskbar.



 Some Sound cards have been tested and benchmarked for use with Shakti. You should see if you have one of these. If you do, you can set the volume by hand, making your setup more exact. In general, desktops are better than laptops, and sound devices that are built into motherboards are not as good as the ones that install into their own slot on the motherboard. Nearly all sound cards are good enough for Shakti.

The 'best' card for Shakti is simply a good one. The kind that plug into your motherboard are better than the ones that are integrated into the motherboard. The recommended brand is Sound Blaster, from Creative labs. This is because all Sound Blaster sound cards are calibrated - they all have the same maximum outputs. Used but fully functional ones can be obtained very inexpensively from
eBay. These are very common devices, and they always have the model number printed on the card, so it's easy to find the drivers for them online.

If you have a laptop, the best ones are USB devices made by creative labs, or other trusted sound card manufacturers. These cost a bit more than the generic ones, but they're worth it, both for Shakti and your music enjoyment.


To set your volume, you need to figure out which type of sound device you have (very easy to do), and then set your volume according to type. This method is good for most sound devices, though there are a few exceptions. Some devices have been tested for their volume level.



Using the Set Volume Panel in the Shakti Player (easiest)


Using a VUmeter


With a Gauss Meter (Best)

Automatically Set Shakti volume for: (more information about types of sound devices)


(These links will open a small file that will write volume settings to a Shakti folder on your computer)




Women using Laptops


Men using Laptops


Women Using Onboard sound devices


Men using Onboard sound devices


Women using normal PCI sound cards


Men using normal PCI sound cards


Women using brand name USB sound devices  


Men using brand name USB sound devices


Women using USB sound devices with external power


Men using USB sound devices with external power


Women using small USB sound devices


Men using small USB sound devices


Advanced sound setup - Step-By-Step (For Windows 98, XP & 2000)


Make sure your volume isn't muted


Control panel sound


Check Left / Right Stereo Channels


Check Low-Frequency Response


Turn Special Effects Off


Set Treble and Bass


Stop Distortion


For PC Audiophiles Only


Set your volume


 Press the Button to set up your sound (98, XP, & 2000 only)

Press this button to automatically setup your windows 98 or XP sound system.

If you need to setup a Windows Vista System, Click HERE.