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How to put on the coils




Using a map of the brain




Choose your Coil Locations according to their Effects
(best for beginners)




How Often

How Long

Safe Coil Placement

Taking Breaks

Placement issues

- Reversed Structures

- Too Many Sessions Over The Same Area

Staying safe as you choose where to place the coils



NOTE: DO NOT MOVE THE COILS DURING A SESSION (except where indicated in an 'advanced procedure' or a two-phase session.

Not all possible placements are supported by Shakti. One NON-supported such placement is from the top to the frontal lobes. This is because of a lack of 'cortico-cortical' connections from that frontal lobes to the temporal lobes.

Other areas of the brain have not been tested, and may yield unpredictable effects.

Updates to Shakti will include information about new presentations as they come available. Until then, please do not locate the coils over any but the areas shown in the pages that illustrate where you can locate the coils.

When you are using Shakti over only one side of your head, be aware that undesired effects, should they occur, can be un-done by applying the same signal over the opposite side of the brain. To keep this option available, do not move the coils during a session. There are advanced session designs that break that rule, but these are not for beginners, and the proper use still demands that each location be tested with a short test session.