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Understanding Shakti


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Sound Setup


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Your Hardware


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Connecting Your Shakti


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How to put on the coils


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How Often To Do Sessions?




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Facilitating Experiences


Beginning Questionnaire


What to do during your sessions.



What to do during your sessions.

Above all, relax. If you keep wondering what's going to happen, you make it hard for your brain to enter altered states. Even doing meditation can 'task' your brain, so that it's using parts that might need to be quiet for the session design you choose. Shakti can enhance meditation, but the reports of this have been where people did sessions first, and then meditation afterward, and not where both were done at the same time.

1) One hour sessions.

One hour sessions are more likely to create experiences during the sessions. These are the best-known sessions, having been featured in several Television documentaries. However, sensory deprivation is crucial if your sessions are going to create intense effects. These are most likely to happen with stimulation over the temporal lobes. A significant portion of the temporal lobes' activity is dedicated to monitoring background sounds. For the temporal lobes to be available for hallucinations, visions, and similar phenomena, this activity needs to be quieted down. Silence is important in this process. The sessions shown on television documentaries were done in an acoustic chamber - a bit like a closet that creates absolute silence. To have the best chances for experiencing phenomena during sessions, make your environment as silent as possible. Even a little noise can distract your brain from the phenomenal effects many people want to experience.

A blindfold is also a very good idea. It should block out all light, but not press your eyes.

One hour sessions should be done less often than shorter ones.

2) Shorter sessions.

Shorter sessions are usually
30 minutes long, and do not need sensory deprivation. These are designed to elicit after-effects. For shorter sessions, don't do anything stressful or especially exciting. Just stay calm, and let Shakti do it's job. It's ok to watch a video or listen to music, or even read a book.

30 minutes is also the right length for meditation enhancement. Do your session, and then begin meditation about an hour or two after the end of the session. This same schedule can be used to enhance any mind technology, including other mind-machines.

It's a good idea to be alert when you're falling to sleep after you do a session. Some effects can appear in the twilight state between waking and sleep.

For best results, don't take it all too seriously.