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A 13 Phase Session

(The "Limbic Workout")


Some Shakti session designs are either difficult to manage or involve technical knowledge. The pane to the left will help you look into them. Use with caution. Use at your own risk.


One "tweak" is to use the extra velcro in the Spare Parts that came with your Shakti System to set all your coils to POSITIVE (+).
This will set the fields to repel each other and send the fields deeper into the brain.
Although this has been tested in the laboratory, this technique is new to Shakti. Please consider it experimental. Use with caution - start with 20 minute sessions.
Here is a picture of one setup with the coils all set to positive poles.

Use this for "Altered States" sessions, following the layout for the coils shown in those pages, but orienting the coils as shown here.

Using this layout isn't suggested for the feelgood session at present (it hasn't been tested).

This layout has not been tested with the ADVANCED PROCEDURE, and it is not suggested for use with it.


DO NOT begin with volume settings higher than 50%.

Use with caution over the parietal lobes.

As with any Shakti session, contact tech support if negative effects appear. If you are doing a two-phase session and negative effects appear, proceed immediately to the second phase - by closing the Shakti Signal Generator. The second phase will begin automatically.




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