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What to do during your sessions.




If you're thinking about applying a signal over only one side of your head, it's a good idea to try it briefly over each side, to make sure that you know which side feels best for you.

For each signal, begin with the unpleasant side (if any) for that signal.

10 minutes on one side and 10 minutes on the other is enough. If you don;t notice anything, then yopu probably don't have a reversed structure. 10 Minute sessions are listed for each signal, unless otherwise noted.

If you're planning to use a signal over both sides of your head, it's also a good idea to begin with a short session.

Look for the link on each signal's information page.

Click HERE for more information

You only need to do test sessions if you want to do sessions over only one side of your head. Several of the signals are more pleasant over one side then the other, so there is good reason for intermediate and advanced users to want to do this.

To test a signal, apply it over the side that's usually UNPLEASANT for that signal. Do this for for ten minutes, followed immediately by the same signal over the same location on the other side of the head. Only a few people have 'reversed' structures. If you get no response at all, you probably do not have one.

One side will feel more pleasant than the other. Use that wave form over that side of your head.

Most people will end up with one wave form that feels better on one side than the other.

Please read this warning below, and look at the animation. It will teach you another point of neuroscience that will help you understand how Shakti works. The point is that test sessions should be only ten minutes long, and why the sessions have limits on their length.

In this Example,

The Hippocampus is shown blue. The Amygdala is shown Red.

For these test sessions, I suggest between 5 and 10 minutes on each side. Then ask your self which was nicer. It should be quite obvious. After that, for you, that signal belongs on that side. People who ignore procedures might find themselves feeling bad after their session.

If you do a longer session using only one wave form, and the experience is being pleasant, you might suddenly find the session suddenly turning unpleasant.

Shakti is applied using only one wave form in extended sessions only in special situations.

This represents the hippocampus receiving a stimulation over time. The view is from the left, but let's pretend it's the right hippocampus. You can see how activity in the right hippocampus (positive thoughts) can 'spill' into the right amygdala (negative emotions). In this scenario, a nice session where visual imagery might have been happening, might suddenly have a burst of anxiety intrude.

A burst of anxiety or fear is usually a sign that a using the hippocampal signal has gone on too long. The appearance of negative thoughts or visual imagery is a sign that an amygdaloid session has gone on too long. To end the anxiety or unpleasant thoughts or images, end the session. Don't be worried. The positive structure you were working with will have had more activity than the intruding one, so once the bad mood has passed, it will be far less likely to return than the nice one that happened during the session.

Begin with the negative side for each signal when testing in this way. When you then switch to the positive side for that signal, you may elicit a burst of activity in the positive structure, which will feel quite pleasant.