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Understanding Shakti


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Sound Setup


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Your Hardware


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Connecting Your Shakti


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How to put on the coils


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Choose your signal


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Choose Session Length


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How Often To Do Sessions?




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Facilitating Experiences


Beginning Questionnaire


What to do during your sessions.



Doing Sessions Once a Month



When you do sessions once a month, you can extend them to a full hour. After an hour session, a three-week break from all use of Shakti is suggested. This is because the signals can recruit brain parts connected to the target structure when the session lasts an hour. This means that the after-effects are more difficult to predict. The three-week break allows time for all after-effects to taper off. This is If the after-effects of a longer monthly session are particularly pleasant, you can repeat 30 minute sessions using the same design.

Longer, monthly sessions are intended to elicit experiences during the session rather than afterwards. If this is your intention, then you should know that you can add to your session's effectiveness by doing it in sensory deprivation. This means absolute darkness and total silence. Blindfolds and earplugs are suggested. (Do not use white noise - it's been tried and didn't work)

A large portion of your temporal lobe's activity is devoted to monitoring ambient sounds, so freeing up your temporal lobes to make them available for an altered state experience can raise the odds in favor of a successful session.

The specific effects of these sessions depend on the individual's neural history more than repeated sessions, as more brain parts become involved. As a rule of thumb with complex dynamic systems of any kind, the larger the number of interconnected sub-systems, the greater the variance will be between one example of such a system and another.

The target structure of your Shakti session is one such 'complex dynamic system', so responses to longer sessions will differ from one person to the next more than shorter ones.

How often can you do Shakti Sessions?


Once Every 3 Days

Once a Week

Once a Month

Taking Break