ORDER The 8 Coil Shakti

Understanding Shakti


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Sound Setup


......Automatic Sound Setup - Windows XP


......Sound Setup - Windows Vista


......Control panel sound


......Check Left / Right Stereo Channels


......Set your volume


......Find volume level for your sound card


......Turn Special Effects Off


Your Hardware


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......North and South Poles


......Converting 8 Coil Shakti to 2 or 4 Coils


Connecting Your Shakti


Starter Sessions - 8 Coil


How to put on the coils


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Choose your signal


Where to put the coils


Choose Session Length


......Test session


......20 minute session


......30 minute session


......60 minute session


......By "Dead-Reckoning"


How Often To Do Sessions?




......Every Three Days


......Once a Week


......Once a Month


......Taking Breaks


Facilitating Experiences


Beginning Questionnaire


What to do during your sessions.



20 Minute Sessions



20 Minute sessions are a good way to begin more gradually, or to reduce the amount of stimulation if the effects of longer sessions are too powerful.

The first thing to understand about 20 minute sessions is that they can be repeated. They can be done every three days, or once a week. There are advantages to each. On this page, we'll be discussing what happens in a typical 30 minute session, as well as 'set & setting".

Doing sessions once a week is one way to give your brain experience in experiencing whatever state the session you choose creates. If a session is unpleasant in any way, do not repeat it.

Once you've found a session design that works well for you, you can repeat it. The best-tested intervals are one week, having been tried by scores of people.

However, sessions done once a week are liable to bring out metabolic snapback. This is the name given for the process whereby your brain will try to re-establish the states of consciousness that the sessions inhibit, just as meditation can inhibit anger for many people. Although only a few people have tried it, sessions done every three days seem to avoid this.

If you choose to do weekly sessions, you should stop them after six, and take a three-week break between series of sessions.

These sessions can be done any time of day, and do not need sensory deprivation. Activities that demand attention (such as working on your computer) can detract from your sessions.

Best Time Of Day For Session