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Understanding Shakti


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Sound Setup


For beginners:


......Automatic Sound Setup - Windows XP


More advanced


......Sound Setup - Windows Vista


......Control panel sound


......Check Left / Right Stereo Channels


......Set your volume


......Find volume level for your sound card


......Turn Special Effects Off


Your Hardware


......2 Coils | 4 Coils | .8 Coil Shakti


......North and South Poles


......Converting 8 Coil Shakti to 2 or 4 Coils


Connecting Your Shakti


Starter Sessions - 8 Coil


How to put on the coils


.....2 Coils | 4 Coils | .8 Coils


Choose your signal


Where to put the coils


Choose Session Length


......Test session


......20 minute session


......30 minute session


......60 minute session


......By "Dead-Reckoning"


How Often To Do Sessions?




......Every Three Days


......Once a Week


......Once a Month


......Taking Breaks


Facilitating Experiences


Beginning Questionnaire


What to do during your sessions.



Getting Started

Good Beginner Sessions For The 8 Coil Shakti

There are a few things to consider in getting ready to run a Shakti session.

1) Your sound settings.

It's easy to set up windows to the optimal sound settings. Most sound cards (including all Sound Blaster Cards) get the volume right at 25% for men, and 16% for women. This software has a tool to make sure the settings are correct, although there is one you do by hand. There are easy instructions and simple pictures to guide you. For more detailed instructions, or to do it manually - without the automatic setup, click HERE.



2) Choosing where to put the coils.

The location for your coils will direct the effects of the signal in specific ways. The frontal lobes, for example are outward-looking, and concerned with the future. The temporal lobes are inward-looking and concerned with the past. They are also the area of the brain's surface most implicated in religious and mystical experience.

Shakti sessions involve connecting a deep brain structure with one on the surface to elicit it's effects. Experiences, from subtle to dramatic, are based on this interaction of deep brain parts with areas on the brain's surface. To decide where to put the coils, you need to read about the locations. Look under "Putting on Coils" above.

3) Choosing Your Signal

The signal you choose determines which neural structure (brain part) or neural process (brain waves) your session will 'target'. This choice 'colors' the session, giving it it's specific effects. To choose your signal, use the "
Signals" button at the top.


Facilitating Experiences - Information about lucid dreaming, Out-of-Body experiences, etc.

Beginning Questionnaire
- Helps us help you with tech support

During your sessions. - what to do during your sessions.



Automatically Set Shakti volume for: (more information about types of sound devices)


(These links will open a small file that will write volume settings to a Shakti folder on your computer)




Women using Laptops


Men using Laptops


Women Using Onboard sound devices


Men using Onboard sound devices


Women using normal PCI sound cards


Men using normal PCI sound cards


Women using brand name USB sound devices  


Men using brand name USB sound devices


Women using USB sound devices with external power


Men using USB sound devices with external power


Women using small USB sound devices


Men using small USB sound devices