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Understanding Shakti


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Sound Setup


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......Set your volume


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Your Hardware


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Connecting Your Shakti


Starter Sessions - 8 Coil


How to put on the coils


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Choose your signal


Where to put the coils


Choose Session Length


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How Often To Do Sessions?




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Facilitating Experiences


Beginning Questionnaire


What to do during your sessions.



Doing Sessions Every 72 Hours



Series of sessions done every three days are repeated only three or six times. After three of these sessions, stop. You can begin again safely after a three-week break. This break is suggested as a safety precaution. Please do not fail to observe it.

Doing your sessions in series can help you retain what your consciousness has learned from them.




Sessions done every three days are are less well-tested than those done less often, but preliminary reports support the principles on which the once-every-72-hours session design is based.

The effects of Shakti sessions are 'forgotten' after about three days. The closest model in neuroscience for process that operate

If the sessions is repeated before the fourth day, not only will the effects be reinforced, but
metabolic snapback (see the page for weekly sessions) will not happen in most cases. With only a very few exceptions, it begins four days after the second, third, and fifth sessions, when it happens at all.

Doing sessions every three days is time-sensitive. If you miss a session, stop for three weeks, and then try again. Doing sessions every four or five days have been seen to be less effective, and more likely to elicit snapback.

Fewer people have done sessions every three days than have done so once a week, but so far, the results are good.

Due to the current state of scientific knowledge, the possibility of unexpected effects remains open.




Doing sessions every 72 hours can be a bit confusing. The best way to do it is by the days involved.

If you do a session on a Monday evening at 8:00 P.M., you would count:

'Monday to Tuesday' (24 hours)

'Tuesday to Wednesday' (24 hours)

'Wednesday to Thursday' (24 hours)

Total 72 hours

8:00 P.M. on Thursday would be 72 hours after your last session.

If you count Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, it would look like you had counted three days, but it would only be two.

Sessions done every three days should be separated by a full 72 hours.

How often can you do Shakti Sessions?


Once a Week

Once a Month

Taking Break