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How Often

How Long

Safe Coil Placement

Taking Breaks

Placement issues

- Reversed Structures

- Too Many Sessions Over The Same Area

Safe choices for how often to do sessions.



Right now, only three schedules are supported, and you are NOT encouraged to experiment in this regard.

Every 72 hours

Once a week

Once a month



Sessions done every two days are not well-studied, but one subject reported an unpleasant episode a few years ago. These are not suggested.

Sessions done every four days are likely to elicit stronger metabolic snapback than is needed to accomplish your goal in choosing to do a series of sessions.

If you repeat sessions on any schedule, you will be doing what this software calls 'series of sessions'. A series of sessions should consist of either trying different session designs, or doing the same session three, four or six times in a row. It is NOT suggested that you go back and forth between two session designs, as follows:

Session one

Session two

Session one

Session two

And so forth. This pattern of use has not been tested, and one report of negative effects appeared after sessions done on this pattern. The instance is very unclear, as the individual was using many mind-altering techniques at the time, and there is no way of knowing what the cause was, but in principle, conflicting input is possible, so this is best avoided. The same applies to rotating between three session designs.

What happens if you do sessions too close together?

The risk is that activity in the areas you want active will spill over into areas you don't want to have active.

Sessions too close together can be like holding a microphone too close to a speaker. Sounds that have nothing to do with the actual input will appear, and they won't be nice to hear.

A session design refers to the combination of location and signal.

How often can you do Shakti Sessions?


Once Every 3 Days

Once a Week

Once a Month

Taking Break