Shiva Neural System online software demo

Thanks are due to Dr. Michael Persinger for his extensive help in developing The Shiva Stimulation System. Persinger’s Endorsement.
The Shiva Neural Stimulation System
 Legal: Shiva Neural Stimulation signals are based on signal templates licensed by Stan Koren and Dr. Michael A. Persinger as used in the “Octopus Device”. Shiva does not prevent, diagnose or treat any medical disorders.

Welcome to the Online Shiva Software Demo

The Shiva Neural Stimulation System uses an html-based (web page) software, which means that you can look at it online, just like a web site.

However, NOT ALL FUNCTIONS PERFORM ONLINE. For example, none of the executables embedded in the software (that run the signals, adjust your sound, set the volume, etc.) can be run from the online demo.

This online version has no Shiva signals.

It’s not here so you can do sessions, but rather so you can learn how Shiva Neural Stimulation works.

Shiva Neural Stimulation Software runs well on most PCs, but the same graphics that load very quickly from your hard drive can take time to load when they’re viewed from the internet.

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Basic Explanation
Technical Explanation
Scientific Evidence
Understanding Psychic Skills
Online Shiva Software Demo
European Spiritual Research Group’s Report

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