The Shiva System, the Octopus & the 40Hz Binding Factor

Thanks are due to Dr. Michael Persinger for his extensive help in developing The Shiva Stimulation System. Persinger’s Endorsement (opens in new window).
The Shiva Neural Stimulation System
Legal: Shiva Neural Stimulation signals are based on signal templates licensed by Stan Koren and Dr. Michael A. Persinger as used in the “Octopus Device”.
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Circumcerebral magnetic stimulation (like The “Octopus” device and the Shiva Neural System) are designed to interact with one of the brain’s most important electrical activities, called “the Binding Factor”. It’s a wave of activity that runs from front to back (or rostral to caudal) every 25 milliseconds, giving it a frequency of forty hertz. This activity is present when we’re awake and when we’re asleep and dreaming, but it’s not there when we’re in dreamless sleep, a coma, or when we’re unconscious.

Persinger’s “Octopus” experiments found that temporarily altering it can elicit telepathic perception and improve performance in remote viewing.

This 40 hertz activity is only present when we’re having experiences that we can remember later on.  The front to back 40 hertz activity has been called the “Binding Factor” for consciousness, partly because it’s absent in all unconscious states.

The binding factor runs from back to front, with 25 sweeps per second.

This illustration only approximates the actual ‘binding factor’

Disrupting the binding factor can create ways of thinking and uncommon sensations  (which for most people only happen only in rare moments) so subtle that  we’re completely unaware of them.

In simpler words, using the Shiva System to slow down the binding factor can help us focus on perceptions  that can be too faint to notice. Psychics notice them, while many others don’t.  Subtle perceptions are the basis for psychic skills, and is how the Shiva System helps to open one’s psychic potential (see laboratory evidence).  When the binding factor is reduced, subtle perceptions are amplified.

People who are already psychic can have their skills enhanced using the Shiva system, as happened with the famous remote viewer Ingo Swann (see the evidence).

The signals used in the Shiva System rotate (counterclockwise) around the head, moving through eight locations, one-by-one.  Their speeds change a by few milliseconds each time they move from one pair of coils to the next. The timings are designed to avoid the binding factors exact speed, so the stimulation is just slightly ‘out of tune’ with it.  This deflects the binding factor slightly. The result is a mental state that isn’t part of our repertoire of ordinary states of consciousness.

Click the animation to see it close-up.

A good metaphor for this would be to compare Shiva to bicycle brakes, with your brain’s binding factor in the role of the wheels. The change is like slowing down by tapping the brakes. If you ride a bike, you know that even small taps on the brakes can rapidly cut your speed. This approach interacts with the binding factor and uses it’s own natural momentum. Just as a bicycle can only go in one direction, Shiva enhances only one of the many ‘directions’ your consciousness can take. In favor of right-hemispheric processes, which moves our verbal thoughts to the background.

EEG monitoring of subjects receiving the Octopus showed that the right hemisphere responded significantly more than the left.

The binding factor moves from front to back, while Shiva moves the signals around the head counterclockwise, so that  has it’s binding factor is disrupted more on the right side than the left.

The kind of thoughts that are controlled from the right hemisphere are primarily non-verbal, and don’t easily go into words.  These are the kinds most likely to emerge from the Shiva System.

This technology specifically targets theta activity, associated with meditation, images in the “mind’s eye”, trance and relaxation. Persinger “calculated the derivatives or changes in frequency shifts in electroencephalographic frequencies around 6 Hz would involve increments of 20 to 25 milliseconds”.  These include frequencies in and around the 40 Hz signal. One study found that the largest changes in power spectra (‘bands’ of brain waves) were between 4 and 7 Hz, in the low theta band.

Psychic and paranormal perceptions are associated with theta and low theta activity.  It’s been known for decades, and the the Octopus studies corroborate this conclusion. Theta activity associates with activity in a deep brain part, called the hippocampus. The hippocampus on the right works in cognition (both intellectual and silent “thought”), spatial perception, and many aspects of memory. On the right, it supports inner imagery, and puts things in context. The brain’s right-side hippocampus is the source for most, if not all theta activity.  It  responds to the Shiva system more than any other deep brain parts. Shiva doesn’t force theta activity into the brain.  Its gentle stimulation encourages the brain to produce it on it’s own.  To put it simply, it lets the brain do most of the work – in it’s own way.  Because the Shiva System doesn’t force the brain to produce the all-important theta activity directly, the brain doesn’t need to try to ‘snap back’ into its old patterns, so your brain can learn to access it on it’s own, especially when you’re also doing some kind of spiritual practice, like quiet psychic exercises (Here is a good book with this kind of exercise) or spiritual practices (meditation, yoga, visualization techniques, etc).

Without using words, the hippocampus on the right can experience a fragment of a perception, find a context for it, and extrapolate its ‘meaning’ (the way a piece of a hologram can hold the same information as a whole one. A psychic perception can take place If that perception comes from another brain’s magnetic activity, because two magnetic fields can and do share information.  The important thing is to notice it amidst the background noise of all the mind’s other activities.

The “Octopus” experiments, discussed here, give us a new way of understanding psychic skills, based only on brain activity.

The next thing to consider is the intention of the individual, which is discussed on another page where people who want to develop their psychic skills are encouraged to try to pay attention to very brief perceptions.  The Binding Factor ordinarily inhibits information embedded in magnetic fields, including the geomagnetic one, and the magnetic signals coming from the electrical activity of other brainsWhen the Binding Factor is held back, we can “allow” more “in”, both from our own minds, and those of the people around us.  We’re more sensitive to what’s happening in other people’s brains and minds (as well as the world around us), when the Binding Factor is held back

If you do Shiva sessions and also psychic exercises, the results are more likely to be psychic.  When you do Shiva sessions and more spiritual practices, the results are more likely to be spiritual.

NOTE: The Shiva software contains instructions for stripping down your Shiva unit to an 8 Coil Shakti unit and also includes “Shakti For Windows”, the software that drives the 8 Coil Shakti.
Further Note:
The Shiva Neural Stimulation System also comes with software to allow you to do “God Helmet” sessions.


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