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The idea of rebirth takes an important step towards science when it is integrated with Darwin's Theory, and it looks like this study has done it it. Another version of this same paper, complete with thick scientific jargon, has been accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed scientific journal, The Journal for Near-death Studies, and that qualifies it as a scientific hypothesis for many scientists. Rebirth is now within the domain of science, and it looks very different from the traditional presentations. An earlier draft of this work even received critical approval from the Dalai Lama.


This is a scientific article, about 20 pages, with references, and its more difficult reading than most writings on reincarnation, so you might like to save the page to your hard drive. Please go easy on the author in your e-mails. No scientific theory has ever been able to explain ALL the issues it relates to when its first presented. Explaining everything is for Gurus, not scientists.

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This approach to understanding death and dying is as much anthropology as it is neurology.

In brief, it says that those who took rebirth were better adapted to live in a (complex) culture than those who had not. The extra social skills that 'reborn' individuals had allowed them to consistently attain higher social ranks in our hierarchical cultures, where mating opportunities are at their highest, especially for males.

Females with extra social skills would have been more able to find support during childbirth and child rearing so that, over time, they would have 'bred out' those who did not have information from past lives in their consciousness, or rather, states of consciousness.

I will also present my case that recently discovered magnetic processes in the brain at the end of life allow it to makes minute 'splashes' in the earth's magnetic field, and that its ripples carry information about the states of consciousness the person experienced during their life. Each state of consciousness is 'tagged' for either repetition or avoidance, depending on whether or not the behavior was rewarded or rebuked by their culture. Each set of ripples could hold an enormous amount of information. The development of a human nervous system during pregnancy would have to be 'sensitively dependant' on input from one such information packet for its development in order for this theory to work.


The Origins of Spirituality in Human Evolution. When Humans acquired language, we began to think about death in some very new ways. This created a new feeling of being threatened whose source lay in our own thoughts. People responded to this new threat by finding a sense of spirituality that allowed us to come to terms with our mortality. 'Read me first.' Re-written 5/2000 to remove the technical jargon.

The Spiritual Personality. Doing spiritual practice (or having a spiritual awakening), has an impact on the brain, the mind, and personality. These changes happen are pretty easy to predict, and very similar processes have been found in people with a certain type of epilepsy, which Hippocrates called "The sacred disease." The altered states of consciousness experienced through spirituality create some interesting 'traits'.

DEJA VU The experience of deja vu is one of the most common spiritual experiences known. That is, if you enjoy it. If you don't, its more a matter for the right kind of doctor than a temple. Deja vu is a change in the perception of the present moment, and it can be used to enhance some kinds of meditation practices, such as Zen. This one is for you if you do meditation, are simply trying to live in the present, or if you are one of those who experiences deja vu often.

'Sensed Presence.' This one is about that odd feeling that you are being 'watched' or that you're 'not alone' Ever get the feeling that there is someone behind you when you are sure you're alone? Ever turn to look? This one's for you This chapter explains the basic theories. A lot of the other material won't make sense without it. 'Read me second.'

The Neurology of Romantic Love. In many ways, romantic love looks similar to devotional religious feelings, and its disappointments look very much like 'The Dark Night of the Soul'. Neuroscience for the hopeless romantic. Ever beat yourself up for getting hurt in love? You won't hit as hard after you've read this. Re-written 5/2000 to remove the technical jargon.

Sex and consciousness Too much drive? Too little? Read this. Re-written 5/2000 to remove the technical jargon.

Guided spiritual exercises from brain science (more effective than you'd think). Most people who respond to these techniques do so almost instantly. Some of the material covered in this chapter has been accepted in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Some of it is too new for that.

Glasses for Enhanced Visual Acuity. A first-hand account of how I developed a pair of glasses that induces a stunning enhancement in vision. If you have ever had moments where you were seeing as though your eyes had been polished from the inside, and wondered if it was possible to re-capture those moments, you should read this.

GOD The experience of God is one of the most powerful spiritual experiences a person can have. It has deepened the faith of those who have had it, enriching their lives, and inspired people to kill in "His" name. This article talks about how meeting God is one example of a much larger group of experiences called 'Visitor Experiences'. Brain science has reached the point where it can understand these experiences, and although it doesn't arrive at the conclusion that there really is a God, it does find a great value in prayer. This article isn't for people who believe in God, nor is it for athiests who think "there's no God and that's that'. The truth isn't that simple.

SACRED LANDS. A look at HARBIN HOT SPRINGS, a spiritual resort and retreat center in Northern California, that's also in one of the most geologically active places in the world. Geomagnetic changes interact with magnetic processes in the brain, producing 'power spots' where it takes extra awareness just to get by, and where UFOs can occasionally be seen. A close look at this magical place, long held to be sacred by Native Americans in the area, reveals some new facets of human consciousness in its interaction with the earth.

STIMULATING MY BRAIN AS A SPIRITUAL PATH This article is a response to a lot of e-mail I've recieved wanting to know about my own spiritual process. Well, I don't have one. Instead I have a story to tell about learning about my own consciousness. I'm not following enlightenment, I'd just like to enjoy my life while its actually happening, and to be able to be at one, not with the universe, but with my own species, one specimen at a time. My spiritual search brought me to some incredible experiences, but right from the beginning of my awakening, I knew the teachings I was being offered were nonsense. I wanted to look at spirituality again, from the ground up. So, here's my story, more or less. When its finished, you'll find that I accept many of the things that psychics, gurus, and religions teach, but in very different forms. I also accept the idea of surrender to one's chosen path. For me that includes the rules of science as much as 'being here, now.'

ARCHETYPES Another way of looking at the Jungian Theory of Archetypes that discusses how we might be more likely to see the archetypes in others than in ourselves. Evolution may have provided us with some hard-wiring that allows us to see them in others so that we have an instinctive feeling for how to relate with different types of people. Re-written 5/2000 to remove the technical jargon.

More difficult articles (literary agents - keep out)

Consciousness. Where does the phenomena of conscious awareness come from? This hypothesis suggests that consciousness functions to mediate states of consciousness. Simple answer for a vexing question. Not easy reading.

Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) in Thailand. The experience of dying is different in different cultures, and Thai NDEs provide one of the best examples of culture-specific 'altered state' experiences uncovered so far. The most common response to these Thai cases (11 in all) by non-specialists is "These are REALLY weird". One case even includes a gigantic talking turtle.

THAI NDEs in context. This article discusses how Thai NDEs make sense when looked at in terms of their cultural and religious context. Illustrations include downloadable images of Heaven and Hell from Southeast Asia. These graphics are kept larger than usual due to the extensive and fascinating detail. We apologize to those with slow modems. An article accepted for publication by the Journal of Near-Death studies was edited from this study. CLICK HERE for the same article without illustrations.





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