Geomagnetic Predictions - Image from Wikimedia Commons

(for the next three days.)
Data from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website (Raw Data).
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Click HERE to see the Present Geomagnetic field state; a chart showing the present and the previous 72 hours. .

This (below) shows only the Present Geomagnetic field state:Are you Online?


NOTE: Like weather forecasts, predictions for the Geomagnetic field levels can be inaccurate.

For questions about this data, contact the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center.

  CH HSS = coronal hole high speed stream  
  Kp Index = Measure of the turbulence in the Earth's Magnetic Field  
  The label 'K' comes from the German word 'Kennziffer' meaning "characteristic digit".  
  The NOAA G-scale is an approximate measure of the effects of geomagnetic storms.  
  It is not used to describe geomagnetic quiet.  
  G0 = No storm  
  G1 = Kp 5  
  G2 = Kp 6  
  G3 = Kp 7