Real-time geomagnetic information

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Geomagnetic Information Page.

The present time geomagnetic information on this page is supplied by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The NOAA does not have a secure server. That’s why there is a yellow triangle in the address bar.


Right now, the Geomagnetic Field is:

geomagnetic status


What it means:

Quiet: the Geomagnetic Field is quiet (Kp < 4).

Active: the Geomagnetic Field has been unsettled (Kp=4).

Storm: A Geomagnetic Storm has occurred (Kp>4).

Below: Geomagnetic field activity for the last 72 hours. Each bar represents a three-hour period.

Solar X-rays:

Current solar flare activity:

Solar flare status

Forecast for the next three days

Read the geomagnetic and solar indices for the last month HERE