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Spirituality and the Brain
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Spiritual Coaching.

$80.00 / Hour, in 15 minute increments.

~ Spiritual Crises (of any kind).

~ Need Spiritual Guidance?

~ Developing Psychic Skills.

~ Healing Your Spirit.

~ Relationship issues.

~ Finding the Best Spiritual Practices for you.

~ Are Your Spiritual Practices not working for you?

~ Making your Spiritual Path fit With Your life.

~ Unwanted Psychic Impressions?

~ Becoming a Healer.

Todd Murphy has been working in the meeting of spirituality and science in the human brain since 1995, and has been on the spiritual path, exploring with many teachers and methods, since 1985.  Very few guides have his kind of expertise.

Murphy doesn't use 'new age' platitudes, morality, or inspirational slogans.  He'll listen to your story, ask you some questions, and then offer you the advice and guidance you need. His approach is simple, gentle and direct.

If you don't 'click' with his methods, you won't be billed for his Spiritual Coaching.

Todd Murphy is the author of two books on Spirituality.  "Sacred Pathways: The Brain's Role in Religious and Mystic Experiences" (foreword by The Dalai Lama) and "Déjà vu and Other Spiritual Gifts".  Available on Amazon.


"The only Sacred Thing is Choice.
The only Sin is Certainty.
The only Ethic is Responsibility.
The only Morality is Love."

Todd Murphy

You can call + 1 (855) 408-7888 to book an appointment, or use the form below.


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