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Interviews & lectures on Neurotheology In Mp3 Format

from Todd Murphy, associate member of Laurentian University Behavioral Neurosciences program, under the direction of Dr. M.A. Persinger


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  Interview with Liz Haggarty (40 minutes, 19 Mb)  
     A journalism student at Ryerson University writing about paranormal investigations.  

  Todd Murphy on "Coast to Coast AM" with George Noory 02-22-07 (subscription required)  
    Magnetic Signals & NDE ~ Mystic Experiences ~ Shakti Effects  


  Discussion with Dennis Kitts of "Late Night Live" (20 Mb) (1 hour, 26 minutes)  
Sense of self ~ altered states of consciousness ~ God ~ autobiographical tales ~ "guy talk" & other themes


  Interview with Lynne McTaggart , author of The Field. (12 Mb) 51 minutes  
Persinger's Procedure ~
Shakti Reports ~ Seeing God in the lab ~ OBEs ~ Healing Powers ~ Alien Abductions ~ Enlightenment and other epiphanies ~ & Other themes


  Interview with Dee Disparti, host of "Paranormal Perceptions". Mr. Murphy had a cough that night - sorry. (60 minutes) - 14.7 mb  
Psychic Skills ~ The Shiva Neural device ~ Persinger's experiments with "the Octopus".
    Also of interest:

 Dr. M.A Persinger On magnetism and the brain - YouTube Interview 1 Interview 2 Iterview 3
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