Sacred Pathways: The Brain’s Role in Religious and Mystic Experiences

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By Neuroscientist Todd Murphy

Déjà Vu is a spiritual gift, and there are others waiting  for you in the same place – your brain and mind.  If you have Déjà Vu often, then you probably also have other gifts, like sensing presences when you’re alone, or tingling in your hands.  It also gives simple instructions about how to open your psychic “sight”, go deeper into prayer, learn to heal by laying on hands, and other skills that use your spiritual gifts.

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Sacred Pathways: The Brain's Role in Religious and Mystic Experiences

Sacred Pathways: The Brain’s Role in Religious and Mystic Experiences (3rd Edition)

By Todd Murphy

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Most books on the meeting of science and religion have focused on things like Quantum Mechanics, “subtle energies”, and efforts to prove that specific religious beliefs have a scientific basis. “Sacred Pathways” is different. It begins by accepting Darwin’s theory of evolution, the basis of all scientific thought about the human species.  From there, it shows how spirituality is part of our evolutionary heritage, and how we developed spiritual processes in the brain to enrich our cultures, succeed as individuals, and “touch the face of God”, whether He exists or not.

“If reincarnation is a human behavior, and Darwin was right, then reincarnation is an evolutionary adaptation that helped our species survive.”

Todd Murphy proposes that the brain areas that support the death-process (made explicit in Near-Death Experiences) also support religious and mystic experiences during our lives.

Sacred Pathways is “…the Principia (principle work) of the scientific investigation of spiritual experiences”  – From the forward by Dr. Michael Persinger, Director, Laurentian U. Neurosciences laboratory

Professor Todd Murphy has been a member of Laurentian University’s Behavioral Neuroscience program under the direction of Dr. Michael A. Persinger since 1998. His book, Sacred Pathways, is a major advance in neurotheology, a synthesis of science and religion that discusses spirituality only in the language of science. Most people in this field confine themselves to looking at what the brain is doing when people have otherworldly experiences, epiphanies, and peak experiences. This book goes further than that, seeing these things in the context of anthropology, sociology, human evolution as well as in the human brain. It also discusses how psychic perceptions have been observed in laboratory studies.

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Paperback ($26.99)
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“…interested readers will no doubt find (it) illuminating.”

   – His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

Sacred Pathways is the 21st century synthesis of science and spirituality by Neuroscientist Todd Murphy. Briefly, it proposes that the brain areas that support the death-process (as we see it in Near-Death Experiences) also support religious and mystic experiences. It also shows how these experiences are more likely following times of real hardship, fear and pain. If you’ve had spiritual experiences that you want to understand, you’ll find that this book offers solid explanations. This book is the first of its kind in the field of neurotheology, the study of the brain’s contributions to spirituality.

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Paperback ($26.99)
Kindle ($6.99)


The God Helmet Experiments: The Science that Found God in the Human Brain 

The God Helmet Experiments: The Science that Found God in the Human Brain 

The God Helmet Experiments is about the experiments that led to a technology which created a wide range of religious, mystic, and spiritual experiences in the laboratory. These included some visions of god, out-of-body experiences, waking dreams, apparitions, and the feeling that there is someone standing behind you when no one is there. It’s even elicited Near-Death Experience phenomena. Used in other ways, the God Helmet has also created paranormal experiences, including ghostly visions. There were even a few experiments that successfully applied the God Helmet for depression.

The God Helmet was developed by two scientists at Laurentian University’s behavioral neurosciences program, Stan Koren, and Dr. Michael Persinger, who was the director of the research group until he passed away in 2017. The editor rewrote some of Dr. Michael Persinger’s papers to make them easier to read. This book is designed to help you understand the God Helmet, and the brain’s role in religious and mystic experiences.  It also presents some material related to the debates and misunderstandings in this area of brain science.

The God Helmet Experiments is a new kind of science book, letting the reader see the actual research. It’s still a work of science, and calls for some careful reading, though it’s very much easier to read and understand than the original academic journal articles.

Dr. Michael Persinger was Todd Murphy’s (the book’s editor) mentor for 23 years, and they even published a few papers together. Not only can The God Helmet Experiments help you to understand how the brain contributes to spiritual experiences, but it will also let you see the other exciting possibilities in this fascinating technology (low intensity complex magnetic signal stimulation).

Dr. Michael Persinger published over 500 articles in scientific journals during his career, and this volume only scratches the surface. Nevertheless, this collection of simplified papers by Dr. Persinger includes some of the most important “review” articles, where he summarizes his work. One day, mysticism and mystic experience could be available to every human being through this technology, or a future version of it that no one can imagine today.