Karmu the Healer, The Holy One, The Black Christ of Cambridge


Edgar Warner.
1910 – 1989
The Holy One of Cambridge, Mass.

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Karmu died of Leukemia in 1989 after taking on the illnesses of over 20,000 people. He was 79 years old.

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How can we lose with the system we use?”

“Always look for the excuse for the other guy’s problems.”

Webmaster’s note:  My new book has a chapter about Karmu.  It emphasizes his healing by laying on hands and his unique and inspiring way of talking to people.

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View the “Book of Karmu” in PDF format

Hear an interview with Karmu. (Recorded by Ricardo Frazer)

Karmu’s Medicines. – a short guide.

Karmu’s Obituary, The Boston Globe – June 29th, 1989

Update. – Several interviews with Karmu have been published in a recent (2011) book – LINK

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Website for the Film Karmu: A Place in the Sun

Karmu, A Place in the Sun – Official Film Trailer

Film about Karmu, 2014 (DVD on Amazon.com)

Karmu, A Place in the Sun

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Over the years, this has emerged (unofficially) as the ‘official’ portrait of Karmu.