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Some Words Are Not In The Whissell Dictionary.

Each time you use the Whissell dictionary, it creates a list of words that were not found found in the dictionary, though you can de-select that option if you want to.

By default, It will include the number of words used in your text that were not present in the Whissell dictionary.

You can also choose to count the number of words not found in the Whissell Dictionary.

You can turn the option to see the words not found in the dictionary on and off.

You can check this list to see if any crucial words in your text are being left out. If they are, try using a synonym, but be careful not to use a synonym that uses a ‘weak’ word for one with a ‘strong’ meaning.

There is a list of words that were not found in the Whissel dictionary, but which appear in the text(s) you analyze. Each time you use it, any new unknown words that appear are written to this file. From time to time, you can send in your list of words. You can also save them with a different file name, or open the file and delete it’s contents. This file is intended for the Whissel Dictionary’s developers (you can send in your file from time to time), but you may find it useful in some of your statistical analyses. The Whissel Dictionary is an unfunded project, so it may take time for new words to be added.