Shiva Neural System Requirements

Thanks are due to Dr. Michael Persinger for his extensive help in developing The Shiva Stimulation System. Persinger’s Endorsement.
The Shiva Neural Stimulation System
 Legal: Shiva Neural Stimulation signals are based on signal templates licensed by Stan Koren and Dr. Michael A. Persinger as used in the “Octopus Device”. Shiva does not prevent, diagnose or treat any medical disorders.


PC COMPUTER (May not work on all windows-enabled Mac systems)

WINDOWS XP, 2000, VISTA or Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Internet Explorer (V. 4 or later) Please note that Internet Explorer is included with Windows 10. (More Information)

Processor: 600 mhz or faster. (1 Ghz Suggested)

Ram: 128 Mb (256 suggested)
150 Mb free hard disk space. 
(With Windows VISTA, 1 Gigabyte of RAM & a 2Ghz processor is strongly suggested)

LAPTOP? – two USB 2.0 ports. MORE INFO
Note: All units are handmade prototypes

NOTE: The Shiva software contains instructions for stripping down your Shiva unit to an 8 Coil Shakti unit and also includes “Shakti For Windows”, the software that drives the 8 Coil Shakti.
Further Note:
The Shiva Neural Stimulation System also comes with software to allow you to doGod Helmet” sessions.
Basic Explanation
Technical Explanation
Scientific Evidence
Understanding Psychic Skills
Online Shiva Software Demo
European Spiritual Research Group’s Report

The Shiva System is $649.00 plus shipping
Shipping within the USA – $20.00
Shipping to all other countries – $40.00

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