Healing by laying on hands and Shiva Spiritual technology.

Thanks are due to Dr. Michael Persinger for his extensive help in developing The Shiva Stimulation System. Persinger’s Endorsement (opens in new window).
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Legal: Shiva Neural Stimulation signals are based on signal templates licensed by Stan Koren and Dr. Michael A. Persinger as used in the “Octopus Device”.
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Developing Healing Skills.

.The most common healing technique in the world is usually called “Healing by laying on hands”. It takes many forms in many cultures, and lots of spiritual techniques have been added to it. In Japan, it’s called “Reiki”, where is often taught in conjunction with visualization techniques that focus on classical Japanese and Chinese characters traditionally believed to have esoteric powers. In other cultures, healing by laying on hands is taught along with methods for contacting the spirit world. Usually, these are intended to find a “spirit familiar”, a being that lends its power to the healing process.  Christian healers often pray out loud, invoking the God of their faith, angels, or the Blessed Mother.

There is some evidence that healing skills are associated with biological magnetic fields, and it’s worth looking at. Click HERE.  Some “Qi” healers (Chi Kung healing) have been found to have strong magnetic fields in some cases.

On this page we’re not going to pay too much attention to visualizations and spirit help. We’re going to focus on how to use our hands to try to heal problems in the body.

As it happens, the developer of this software and inventor of Shiva neural technology had a period in his life when he lived with a well-known healer in the United States. The healer, whose name was Mr. Warner, taught him the basics of healing by laying on hands. Later on, he did some simple work applying these lessons after an energy event that awakened both this and other abilities. Even though he did not choose to follow a career in the psychic arts, having chosen neuroscience instead, the experience was enough to prepare him to help others explore these abilities. He hopes that those who learn from him will exceed his own abilities, which he never explored more than he needed to understand how they work.

The Shiva System is supported by laboratory experiments with psychic effects, and many spiritual healers also have (or report) psychic skills. This page explores the possibilities for the Shiva System in the healing arts, based on the idea that the healing and psychic arts are two different expressions of similar processes in the brain.

Healing by laying on hands begins with a simple exercise. You imagine that there are holes in the palms of your hands, and that as you exhale, “energy” streams out of these holes. When you inhale, you imagine that “energy” is coming into these holes. That’s it. That exercise alone is enough to awaken healing abilities in many people. Before you begin the exercise, it’s a good idea to put yourself into a meditative or trance-like state. Clear your mind, and become as calm as you can. Sit with the palms of your hands facing upward. There is no need to carry on this practice for long periods of time. This is not meditation. Its an Image from Wiki Commons.exercise. In meditation, the longer your meditation sessions, the deeper the effects. With this kind of exercise, it works better to do it four times a day for five minutes at a time than to do it once a day for 20 minutes. Meditation is, among other things, an exercise in developing concentration. The focused concentration necessary to silence the mind isn’t what we’re looking for here.  In this case, the goal is to feel the sensation in the palms of your hands.

.After you begin to feel something that seems to move in and out of your hands in time with your breath, the next thing is to look for tingling or electric sensations. Like many other sensations, we can produce it for ourselves through through imagination, and this one should appear after regular practice imagining energy moving in an out of your hands.  It probably won’t appear instantly.  You should be ready to work on it.  It happens quickly for some, and more slowly for others.  A few people may not succeed at all.  A lot will depend on your efforts, and those expecting instant success will be at a disadvantage.

After tingly sensations appear, and you are able to create them at will, the next step is to move on to the experience of heat. When it happens, the palms of your hands will begin to feel warm, even hot.  Heat in the palms of your hands seems to be the marks of “healing hands”.

As with cultivating any other ability while using the Shiva System, the best time to do the sessions is on days the earth’s magnetic field is unsettled, and the best time to practice is between two and five days following the session.

Once the sensations appear in your hands, the next thing is to start practicing. Find a person with aches or pains, and ask them to let you put their hands on the spot that hurts. Then, with your hands in place, imagine any sensation in your hands that comes to you easily, in time with your breathing. After a few minutes, usually more than five, but less than 20, stop.  If you don’t practice, you won’t learn, so put yourself to the test.

After that, see if the person you try to heal as anything to say about it. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t mention any change immediately after you finish work. I’ve heard healers who were able to use their hands to remove pain say at the effects of their work didn’t appear until about half an hour after they were finished.

No one knows which signal, if any, will be most effective for cultivating healing skills. The “Persinger session” is a good candidate, as are sessions using the caudate nucleus signal. The Persinger Session, the best candidate for learning esoteric skills, uses only one signal. Other signals have not yet been tested. It’s a good idea to keep a journal of your progress along with your sessions, and to try several different signals while cultivating the ability to heal.  Practicing is more important for learning “healing hands” than which session you use.


Above all, remember the cardinal rule for acquiring new skills. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

There are two important messages that need to be here. One is that no matter how skilled you become in healing by laying on hands, you’ll never be a doctor. Practicing medicine without a license, or making medical claims which have not been verified by the appropriate government agencies, is against the law in nearly every country. The second is that experienced healers tell us that it’s important to “cleanse our energies” after we use our hands to try to remove pain. This may be nothing more than taking time to rest fully after each healing session.

If you succeed in becoming a healer, you’ll find yourself in need of a set of ethics to guide you in your practice. You’ll need this in order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble for yourself and for your clients. The Shiva software does not offer a set of ethics, or instructions on how to avoid being charged with practicing medicine without a license. If you succeed in becoming a healer, you will do well to take the time to think about these issues and to guide yourself into work habits that work well for yourself, and your clients.


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