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13-Phase Session - The Limbic Workout








Emotional (Amygdala)


......2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


Meditative & Cognitive (Hippocampus)


... ..2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti| .8 Coil Shakti


Emotional & Cognitive (feelings and thoughts)


... 2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | .8 Coil Shakti


Emotional & Cognitive (Stereo)


.....4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


Body-Related (caudate)


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | .8 Coil Shakti


.The Pleasure Center (Septum)


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | .8 Coil Shakti


"Binding Factor" for Consciousness


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


Chirp Signal ("Pulse")


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


The Thalamus


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti


Event-Related Potential (ERP)


Schumann Resonances


From the Theta Band


Using your own frequencies


Two-Phase Sessions (as seen on TV)


8-Coil Two-Phase sessions




Good Beginner Sessions For The 8 Coil Shakti



Thalamus Burst Firing Signal


This signal is derived from the Thalamus - a structure that represents the first level at which perception becomes available to conscious experience.

The phenomenology of many recondite states of consciousness ("The source", "The Formless" "The Beyond") overlap many functions of the thalamus. It has been called the brain's pacemaker, and it seems to be involved in our perception of time.

Several mystic traditions, most notably the Hindu tradition based on the "Yoga Sutras of Patanjali", claim that some deeper states of meditation are identical to those of dreamless sleep, but that the Yoga Practitioner is self-aware, while the sleeper is not.

This signal may do no more for you than make you drowsy if you don't make the effort to remain alert and aware. However, if you find that it's effective for you, and you remain 'present', you may find more interesting experiences than that through this signal.

This is an untested signal. If you are not comfortable using untested signals, do not use this one.

When beginning to use any signal, it's a good idea to begin with shorter sessions.

When you're planning to use a signal over only one side, it's good to try it over each side to see which side feels best with that signal for you.


Thalamus Burst Firing Signal