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  13-Phase Session - The Limbic Workout








Emotional (Amygdala)


......2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


Meditative & Cognitive (Hippocampus)


... ..2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti| .8 Coil Shakti


Emotional & Cognitive (feelings and thoughts)


... 2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | .8 Coil Shakti


Emotional & Cognitive (Stereo)


.....4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


Body-Related (caudate)


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | .8 Coil Shakti


.The Pleasure Center (Septum)


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | .8 Coil Shakti


"Binding Factor" for Consciousness


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


Chirp Signal ("Pulse")


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


The Thalamus


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti


Event-Related Potential (ERP)


Schumann Resonances


From the Theta Band


Using your own frequencies


Two-Phase Sessions (as seen on TV)


8-Coil Two-Phase sessions




Good Beginner Sessions For The 8 Coil Shakti




Signal from the Septum - The Brain's "Pleasure Center"

The septum has been called the brain's 'pleasure center'. It's a part of the limbic system, where it operates in tandem with the amygdala. When one of these is active, the other tends to be quiet. The septum is heavily connected to the hippocampus, a structure which is intergrown with the amygdala.

The centers for orgasm (four for women and one for men) are found in the septum. It has been associated with different kinds of pleasant sensations, mainly those related to sexual experiences. The septum's role in quieting the amygdala explains how sexual desire can overwhelm our emotional awareness. The septum's one 'orgasm center' in men, and four in women, suggests that there may be important differences in this signal's effects for men and women.

One study found that when patients were implanted with septal electrodes, they self stimulated themselves only when they were feeling bad. When they were feeling good, the implants had little effect.

The temporal lobes, the parietal lobes, and the frontal lobes are all good candidates for this signal, but the place that most lends itself to this signal is over the tops of both parietal lobes, where the somatosensory (sensation) representation for the genitals is located.

The septum's close association with the hippocampus is seen in both their anatomical connections and their EEG signatures. Both the septum and the hippocampus produce theta band output in their normal functioning. Shakti's hippocampal signal is almost always more pleasant over the right side, so if you are going to use this septal signal over one side only, the right is the best candidate.

Important note:

Although the crucial point about the Shakti signals is their shape, the volume is also important. The septal signal, due to it's very low frequencies, requires a higher volume than the others. The small file that tells the Shakti Signal Generator where to set the volume for this signal is set to adjust it for this difference, but it's based on a desktop computer using a Sound Blaster Sound card. Use this chart to set your volume depending on what kind of sound device you are using.

Volume Settings For The Septal Signal






Type of Card









PCI Card



Attached to Mother Board













Not enough





Plugs into the wall for electricity ...



There are two arrangements you can try with the septal signal if you are looking for specifically sexual effects.

These illustrations show you how to target the place where genital sensations and control are represented on the surface of the brain.


This is the upper portion of the 'parietal strip', which is located from an inch behind the very top of the head to two inches from that point.

When beginning to use any signal, it's a good idea to begin with shorter sessions.

When you're planning to use a signal over only one side, it's good to try it over each side to see which side feels best with that signal for you.
This is a new signal. It has been tested with only a few human and no animal subjects. If you are not comfortable using untested signals, do not use this one.

Septal Signal with 2 and 4 coils

8 Coil Shakti Septal signals.

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