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 13-Phase Session - The Limbic Workout








Emotional (Amygdala)


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Meditative & Cognitive (Hippocampus)


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Emotional & Cognitive (feelings and thoughts)


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Emotional & Cognitive (Stereo)


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Body-Related (caudate)


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.The Pleasure Center (Septum)


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"Binding Factor" for Consciousness


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Chirp Signal ("Pulse")


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The Thalamus


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Event-Related Potential (ERP)


Schumann Resonances


From the Theta Band


Using your own frequencies


Two-Phase Sessions (as seen on TV)


8-Coil Two-Phase sessions




Good Beginner Sessions For The 8 Coil Shakti



Alternating Modulated 40 Hertz Signal

The 40 Hz modulated signal is based on the observation that a 40 Hz signal is evident in EEG recordings taken both during normal waking consciousness, and also during REM sleep.

It has been called the "binding factor" for human consciousness, including the most common states of consciousness.

In a normal healthy brain, there's not much point in putting in a 40 Hz signal. That particular wavelength is already occupied with the brain's own 40 Hz signal. Inputting such a signal will probably not have much effect. The idea in using this signal to induce altered states is to modulate that signal so as to alter the state of consciousness. We do this by modulating the signal, so that it falls in and out of phase with the brain's own version of this signal. That turns out to have marked effects for many people.

Only a few people have reported their sessions using this signal, and the preliminary reports are very encouraging. As a single signal or combined with others, it seems to have a good potential for altering states of consciousness.

A lot depends on where you place the coils when you're using it. A good starting point, and one that has been extensively used with other signals in laboratory settings, is to put one a coil about an inch above each ear (a bilateral temporal lobe presentation). Such a presentation would not be targeted at any specific experience, but would rather elicit experiences that an individual is most prone to.

If you aren't comfortable using less well-tested signals, do not use this one.

The eight-coil Shakti unit is a powerful unit. It's suggested that you use it "symmetrically", meaning that you place the coils so that you are treating both sides of your head equally. If you choose to use it over only one side, you should use two of the coils to test each signal over each side, one side at a time, before you use the alternating signals over only one side. Make sure that you are not 'reversed' or 'left handed' with respect to any of the brain structures that the signals apply to. If unpleasant effects are going to occur, they will be milder than they would be using the 8-coil headset with alternating signals.
The experiments shown in television documentaries applied the signals to both sides equally. If you are looking to induce spiritual experiences "as seen on TV", then you should also know that they were done in sensory deprivation. This means silence and darkness. Complete silence, and total darkness.

When beginning to use any signal, it's a good idea to begin with shorter sessions.
When you're planning to use a signal over only one side, it's good to try it over each side to see which side feels best with that signal for you.

This signal alternates between the left and right stereo channels twice each second. This is faster than in previous versions of this software, but it has been established as an effective rate in laboratory studies using this technology. This version of the Shakti software is the first to offer this variation on this signal. For that reason, it is less well-tested than the other version of the signal presented in this software.

Modulated 40 Hertz Signal - Fast Alternation