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 13-Phase Session - The Limbic Workout








Emotional (Amygdala)


......2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


Meditative & Cognitive (Hippocampus)


... ..2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti| .8 Coil Shakti


Emotional & Cognitive (feelings and thoughts)


... 2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | .8 Coil Shakti


Emotional & Cognitive (Stereo)


.....4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


Body-Related (caudate)


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | .8 Coil Shakti


.The Pleasure Center (Septum)


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | .8 Coil Shakti


"Binding Factor" for Consciousness


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


Chirp Signal ("Pulse")


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti | 8 Coil Shakti


The Thalamus


.....2 Coil Shakti | 4 Coil Shakti


Event-Related Potential (ERP)


Schumann Resonances


From the Theta Band


Using your own frequencies


Two-Phase Sessions (as seen on TV)


8-Coil Two-Phase sessions




Good Beginner Sessions For The 8 Coil Shakti



Using Simple Waveforms


Most of the signals that come with Shakti are 'Complex' Magnetic signals, meaning that their shapes are not symmetrical. Unlike simple waveforms, playing them backwards will give you a different signal.

There are many simple signals,that some Shakti users may be interested in experimenting with, such as sine waves, square waves, and other simple waveforms.

The Marchand Function Generator is a simple but powerful tool for generating signals. It can produce signals from 1 to 20,000 hertz, in one-tenth hertz increments.

Each time the function generator is loaded, the wave volume it relies on is set to zero.

FIRST load the function generator(s), THEN set your volume. You must use a
Gauss Meter (set to 10mG) or A patch cord and level meter to set your volume.

Others who may know more about this will be interested in knowing that The Marchand Function Generator can produce signals in .1hz increments. This means that some very precise signals can be created with it. Including, for example, the Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.4hz.

You can run multiple instances of The Marchand Function Generator so that you can apply as many simple signals as you want simultaneously.The function Generator will re-set your volume to zero when you open it. Use the amplitude sliders to adjust the volume.

If you do not know enough about this, then don't use Shakti this way.


This is a specialized area of study, and there is no tech support available.


Launch Function Generator



Sets the volume according to percentage

Online List of frequencies. Some scientific, some not.