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Alternating Caudate Nucleus Signal

The caudate nucleus has been described as "the emotive-visceral integrator." In simpler language, it's the part of our brain that integrates our bodies state of tension or relaxation with our emotional state. The caudate nucleus has one end connected to the amygdala, and the other end to the globus palladius, and from there to the parietal lobes.

The caudate nuclear signal is not well tested, but a few people have tried it, some by itself, and others in conjunction with the amygdaloid signal. Their responses to the caudate nuclear signal were consistent with a hemispheric specialization (or lateralization). Based on these few preliminary reports, which are not enough on which to base solid generalizations, it appears that the left caught it nucleus is more active in states of arousal, and the right caudate nucleus is more active in states of relaxation.

Using the caudate signal over both sides equally is the safest way to begin using it, as this will activate it, but not change the left/right balance between hemispheres with respect to the caudate's activation. The balance of left and right caudate response will not be altered applying the signals to both sides. Rather, only the degree of activation of the caudate for both sides.

Neither relaxation or arousal are pleasant or unpleasant by themselves. Arousal can include feeling jittery, angry, sexual desire, excitement, and a range of others. Some of these are pleasant and some of these are unpleasant.

Relaxation can include feeling calm, lethargic, listless, or serene. Some of these are pleasant and some of these are unpleasant.

It will be a matter of personal preference and personal experimentation for you to discover which side of the brain is more pleasant using this signal. Most people have some idea whether they would like more energy or more calm.

The best areas to apply this signal will probably the parietal lobes, the temporal lobes, and the frontal lobes. A few positive reports exist from sessions using the caudate nuclear signal over the left temporal/frontal area.

This is not a well tested signal. If you are not comfortable using signals that are not well tested, do not use this one.

The eight-coil Shakti unit is a powerful unit. It's suggested that you use it "symmetrically", meaning that you place the coils so that you are treating both sides of your head equally. If you choose to use it over only one side, you should use two of the coils to test each signal over each side, one side at a time, before you use the alternating signals over only one side. Make sure that you are not 'reversed' or 'left handed' with respect to any of the brain structures that the signals apply to. If unpleasant effects are going to occur, they will be milder than they would be using the 8-coil headset with alternating signals.

The experiments shown in television documentaries applied the signals to both sides equally. If you are looking to induce spiritual experiences "as seen on TV", then you should also know that they were done in sensory deprivation. This means silence and darkness. Complete silence, and total darkness.

When beginning to use any signal, it's a good idea to begin with shorter sessions.

When you're planning to use a signal over only one side, it's good to try it over each side to see which side feels best with that signal for you.


Caudate Nucleus Signal - Fast Alternation

Caudate Nucleus Signal - Slow Alternation