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Translated from German)

Electronic Enlightenment?

First, the question: what actually is enlightenment?

As is known, the state of enlightenment is called "Awakened-being" - awakened from the dream of thought. "Buddha" means "The Awakened One".

In this state, you do experience that love is not in any sense according to our everyday understanding, but a state of being.

The decisive factor here is the concrete experience, so that the knowledge, "All is one" is not seen just as a concept in your head (in the mind), but can be understood and felt for real. And this is the responsibility of the right cerebral hemisphere (the right side of the brain), which in our civilization is clearly too short.

The spiritual awakening is always associated with the term "expansion of consciousness". A few were given the enlightenment in an extreme situation (people such as Eckhart Tolle, Ramana Maharshi, Byron Katie and others), but most of us have to work on the expansion of consciousness. On this subject, the videos of Todd Murphy on Google video are highly recommended.

This process has been demonstrated to be supported and initiated (or in some cases, even achieved) by appropriate stimulation of the right hemisphere.

Experiences with the Shiva Neural Stimulation System - (A preliminary report).

Multiple applications of Shiva Neural Stimulation system (a PC version of Dr. Michael Persinger's Octopus apparatus) in 400 test sessions with over 100 people in Germany and Switzerland have shown that this method provides a way to expand an individual's consciousness and to cultivate his psychic abilities.

Our culture is completely fixated on the left side of the brain. Rational and linear thinking are usually in the foreground. The rapid development of psychological disorders indicates the importance of a holistic use of the brain in humans. In this report, I don't want to comment any further on Where this has led us in today's world. It is our right brain which allows us to deal with situations with creativity, intuition and love.

A large part of our society has forgotten how to listen to their belly (right brain). Hence, we have therefore our natural ability to recover. Our mind is non-linear and dynamic, but we make our world causal-linear. One of the few open spaces is the arts, and the art of healing.

For most people in the 'energy healing' profession, these skills are more developed. In my experience this potential can be substantially increased using The Shiva neural stimulation, which emphasizes the right brain.

Clients have completed a session with the Shiva stimulation and described their state as follows:

- Relaxing and pleasant sensations
- Relief for emotional distress and anxiety
- Expansion of perception
- Increase of clairvoyance and clairsentience
- Better recognition of relationships
- Increase in the general intuition
- Inner security, at peace with themselves

About 100 people received at regular intervals, five or more of these stimulations. In most cases, the "Persinger session" was applied. The results are very impressive and have touched me deeply in many cases.

That these people could see more, hear more, and feel more could be an appropriate description. This new way of life affects the whole situation.

You can feel the environment not only intensely, but you also get another access to his own ego. This a completely new field opened in dealing with oneself and other people. The title "Electronic Enlightenment" is provocative, but I can affirm it's appropriateness clearly based on my experience, but every person should do so from their own perspective. The more sensitive you are to subtle inner processes, the more intense the perceived changes. Working with the Shiva neural system can be supported by mental exercises and accompanying guidance.

EEG measurements have clearly shown that people who regularly receive Shiva neural stimulation are able to go into an even deeper state of awareness very quickly.

It should be emphasized here that natural human capabilities can be enhanced. The Shiva neural system allows this potential to develop.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Michael Persinger and Todd Murphy for their many years of research and support. Their work offers an evolutionary contribution to humanity which holds great potential.

To: Mara, Jo, Uli, Ralf and many more -Thank you for your insights.

Rolf Boesch
Institute for Media Development

P.S. Important: For all Shiva Neural Stimulation users. Follow the instructions by Todd Murphy meticulously and check the operating channels of the sound card each time the system is used.


TO CLARIFY: The Shiva Neural stimulation system can be used do do either Persinger's "Octopus" or "God Helmet" sessions. The God Helmet configuration applies magnetic fields to the temporal lobes, while the Octopus applies the fields in a circle around the head. The laboratory induction of enlightenment experiences described here used the latter.