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What are your goals?

Personal transformation

Improvement in Meditation

Altered states of consciousness


Frontal Lobes

Forward-Looking, Positive Effects

Overcoming fear, anger, sadness

Frontal Lobes - Both Sides

Right_Frontal Lobe

Left Frontal Lobe


Temporal Lobes.

Introspective, Altered States

Temporal Lobes - Both Sides

Left Temporal Lobe

Right_Temporal Lobe


Parietal Lobes

Body-Centered Sessions

Parietal Lobes - Both Sides

Right_Parietal Lobe

Left Parietal Lobe


Temporo-Frontal area

Emotional Wellness

Temporo-Frontal-Area Both Sides

Left Temporo-Frontal Area

Right Temporo-Frontal Lobe


Association Area

For Language, Space, and More

Occipital-Temporal-Parietal Area - Both Sides

Right Occipital-Temporal-Parietal Area

Left Occipital_Temporal-Parietal Area


Vision and seeing

Occipital Lobes - Both Sides

Right Occipital Lobes

Left Occipital Lobe


Angular Gyrus

Made famous in Out-Of-Body Research

Left Angular Gyrus

Right Angular Gyrus


For The Septum (sexual effects)


The Cerebellum (Body and Bonding)


Alternating (8 Coil) Shakti for the Frontal Lobes

Alternating (8 Coil) Shakti for the Temporal Lobes

Alternating (8 Coil) Shakti for the Parietal Lobe

Alternating (8 Coil) Shakti for the Temporo-Frontal Area


Using the 8 Coil Shakti over the Frontal Lobes




Using a baseball cap to apply the signals to the frontal lobes (Front View)

In general, the frontal lobes are specialized for rational, linear, and logical states of consciousness. While the temporal lobes are important in memory, the frontal lobes deal in the future. They plan, anticipate, extrapolate, make inferences, and anything else that helps us project our thoughts into the future.

As a rough rule of thumb, the worse you feel in the morning, the more helpful this session design will be.

Stimulating the frontal lobes is not very likely to elicit the altered-states experiences that have made this technology famous. In fact, the effects will probably going to go in the opposite direction.

Frontal lobe activation might possibly make for some enhancements in intelligence. However, it needs to be understood that there several kinds of intelligence, and not all of them have the same need for frontal lobe functions.

Interestingly, it was a frontal lobe presentation of the amygdaloid wave form that first suggested a procedure to stop sadness to Dr. Persinger and his colleagues one of which found it's way into publication (

Spirituality seems to suggest tranquillity, calm, and peacefulness. But there are some people whose spiritual goals include having more energy, not less. Becoming more dynamic, and not more calm. Some people's spirituality involves and interest in metaphysics, contemporary quantum mechanics, and other intellectual, studious approaches. These individuals seem to be motivated by a desire for understanding. One that that includes their intellect. These people may want to include the frontal lobes in their experience with Shakti. It can be quite fulfilling. At least, if we can generalize from the preliminary reports.

Also, there those who are not really concerned with spiritual development, but are simply interested in experiencing in as many different states of consciousness as possible. For these people, the 8-coil Shakti will provide a useful tool for consciousness exploration when used over the frontal lobes.

SAFETY: Repeated sessions over either the frontal lobes or the temporal lobes can bring up a kind of malaise. This can be avoided by alternating your sessions between the frontal and temporal lobes.