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What are your goals?

Personal transformation

Improvement in Meditation

Altered states of consciousness


Frontal Lobes

Forward-Looking, Positive Effects

Overcoming fear, anger, sadness

Frontal Lobes - Both Sides

Right_Frontal Lobe

Left Frontal Lobe


Temporal Lobes.

Introspective, Altered States

Temporal Lobes - Both Sides

Left Temporal Lobe

Right_Temporal Lobe


Parietal Lobes

Body-Centered Sessions

Parietal Lobes - Both Sides

Right_Parietal Lobe

Left Parietal Lobe


Temporo-Frontal area

Emotional Wellness

Temporo-Frontal-Area Both Sides

Left Temporo-Frontal Area

Right Temporo-Frontal Lobe


Association Area

For Language, Space, and More

Occipital-Temporal-Parietal Area - Both Sides

Right Occipital-Temporal-Parietal Area

Left Occipital_Temporal-Parietal Area


Vision and seeing

Occipital Lobes - Both Sides

Right Occipital Lobes

Left Occipital Lobe


Angular Gyrus

Made famous in Out-Of-Body Research

Left Angular Gyrus

Right Angular Gyrus


For The Septum (sexual effects)


The Cerebellum (Body and Bonding)


Alternating (8 Coil) Shakti for the Frontal Lobes

Alternating (8 Coil) Shakti for the Temporal Lobes

Alternating (8 Coil) Shakti for the Parietal Lobe

Alternating (8 Coil) Shakti for the Temporo-Frontal Area


Using Shakti Over The Left Occipital Lobe.




There is no information available about the effects of unilateral (one side only) stimulation of the occipital lobes.

Some interesting observations have been made about the occipital lobes - ones that treat them equally.

Speaking about the occipital lobes as one structure, there are some very intriguing observations.

One is that remote viewing is associated with unusual activity over the occipital lobes. The study that uncovered this reported experiments with a pilot remote viewer. The study observed that "Remote viewing may be enhanced by complex experimentally generated magnetic fields designed to interact with the Neuromagnetic 'binding factor' of consciousness".

The MODULATED 40HZ SIGNAL is designed to do just that. However, it has not been tested in practice.

The amygdaloid signal has not been tested over the occipital lobes

The sleep-derived Thalamic signal has not been tested over the occipital lobes

The Event-Related Potential-derived signal has not been tested over the occipital lobes.

The hippocampal signal has been tested over the occipital lobes by a very few people - not enough to justify generalizations - using the first generation of complex magnetic signal technology. Positive sessions were reported.

There is a bony ridge at the back of the skull. The occipital lobes are ABOVE it.

Persinger, M.A. Et Al, "Remote Viewing With The Artist Ingo Swann: Neuropsychological Profile, Electroencephalographic Correlates, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) And Possible Mechanisms" Perceptual And Motor Skills, 2002, 94, 927-949