The Septum - The Brain's pleasure center.

SHAKTI For Windows
The Neuromagnetic Signal Generator

Shakti does not diagnose, treat, or prevent medical disorders. No statements about Shakti For Windows have been evaluated by the FDA.
Shakti has a signal intended to activate the septum; the brain's pleasure center. The septum has been called the "pleasure center" due to it's involvement in addiction, sex and orgasm. The male septum has one place within it that's activated during orgasm, and women have four. The septum has had a reputation as the pleasure center since the early 1960s when lab rats were given implants in the septum and allowed to activate it by pressing on a bar. These rats were more interested in their pleasure center than in food! They pressed the bar constantly, even to the point where they didn't eat and only slept when they were exhausted. Shakti is a MUCH gentler and non-intrusive kind of stimulation, so such dramatic effects are not to be expected.

The Shakti system software has a signal for the septum - the pleasure center. It's a new signal, and has only generated three reports at this time of writing. One was a 'dud' and one was of a successful session that included distinctly sexual effects, including increased 'firmness' and sensation after the session, not during it. Aonther report said "After using it for a couple of days, I've noticed the muscles in my arms are harder/stronger... (and) Enhanced orgasm, longer duration, more intense? ... I would definitely say it does the trick". This signal is not a treatment for any medical condition that includes sexual symptoms, and no trials for such conditions have been conducted. For these issues, consult your doctor. Inquires about this signal for medical disorders will refer you back to your physician. Compliance with FDA regulations is good for your health.

More recently, the Septum signal has been used over the frontal lobes, and a few reports suggest that it can create relaxation.

The septum - derived signal will not perform the same for everyone. For example, one neurologist implanted electrodes in the pleasure center in some of his psychiatric patients, and furnished them with controls for self-stimulation. He found that stimulating the septum only triggered a response when they were feeling bad, and not when they were feeling good. Like all other parts of the brain, the septum has many functions, and these aren't limited to supporting sexual sensation, so other effects are possible, but should be consistent with it's role as the pleasure center.

If you obtain a Shakti system, and use the "pleasure center" signal, your reports will be very much appreciated. As with any other Shakti signal, do not over-use the Septum - derived signal.

NOTE: The septal signal is not designed for use with the helmet. Other units, such as the (suggested) 8 Coil system, will make better use of it, due to their movable coils.

INFORMED CONSENT INFORMATION: This signal has not been tested on animals.

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