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Intense Altered State Experiences

Intense altered states are possible with Shakti. This means experiences like out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, visions, “seeing the light”, and meeting non-physical beings.  There are also states that just feel good in an otherworldly way.

These have happened during Shakti sessions. Shakti is designed to make them happen, but they’re not equally available to everyone. The experience you want may not be the one you are prone to.

If you are working with mental exercises for out-of-body experiences, you have a much better chance for an OBE than if you don’t. Shakti is a powerful tool, but there is no substitute for your own efforts.

These sessions take special ‘set and setting’. They’re also longer sessions that shouldn’t be done as often.

You need to have good sensory deprivation, and that means silence, not just quiet. If you cannot manage silence, make your session environment as quiet as you can. The quieter, the better.

The sessions most likely to bring out these kinds of very desirable and striking experiences are two-phase sessions done over the temporal lobes.

They should be done at night, when the brain has more melatonin (a chemical related to sleep).

To make intense experiences more likely, you should relax as much as you can during the session. Don’t meditate. Don’t try to keep your mind from wandering. Do NOT ‘concentrate’. Instead, “let go”.

Don’t fall asleep.

When you try to make your Shakti sessions ‘better’ by applying your mind to them, you actually add your own neural ‘tasking’ – your own mental job – to the session. You will only make it harder for the Shakti signals to guide your consciousness.

Relax. “Space out”. Let your mind go where it will. Let the session unfold. Don’t try to make it happen.

Intense experiences are based in the temporal lobes (learn more), and wondering what’s going tohappen, planning, expecting, anticipating – anything to do with the future – can excite the frontal lobes, and reduce temporal lobe activity. This activity is the driving force behind Shakti-induced powerful spiritual experiences, and concentrating or even wondering when the effects will start can reduce temporal lobe activity.

If you find that you can’t ‘let go’ during a session, that your mind is ‘demanding’ an experience to appear, you might do better to begin with sessions over the frontal lobes. These sessions are not as easy for the mind to interfere with. Unlike temporal lobe sessions, these are more likely to create effects that appear after sessions. Frontal lobe sessions are more likely to make you feel you belong in the world than to make you feel otherworldly. Thefeelgoodsession is a good choice to begin working with the frontal lobes.

Experiences can also come when Shakti is used to enhance spiritual practices and exercises (How?). This makes meditation, and spiritual exercises done while falling asleep after a session good places for Shakti effects to appear. They don’t require sensory deprivation, either.

Finally, there have been some recent observations in which using Shakti at the maximum volume setting has had stronger effects than the laboratory standard field strengths. The maximum level is 92%, and the default setting is 50%.


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