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Letter of Endorsement from Dr. M.A. Persinger.

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“There have been occasional questions concerning the origins and similarities of the “God Helmet” technology and applications created by Stanley Koren and myself and those developed by Todd Murphy.  This letter is to clarify any ambiguity.  Todd Murphy’s Shiva Neural Stimulation System’s God Helmet is a faithful reproduction of our laboratory apparatuses.  In addition, The Shakti System is a viable alternative that accurately renders our signals and performs the stimulation.

I heartily endorse Todd Murphy’s Shiva Neural System’s God Helmet and Basic Shiva System.  They are the only magnetic stimulation systems originating from our equipment, concepts and theories.  We have demonstrated the equivalence between Todd Murphy’s and our equipment by informal and formal experiments, some of which are published in the scientific literature.  The inventor of these Systems, Todd Murphy, was a member of the Laurentian University Neuroscience Research Group while he was creating and developing these devices and he co9ntinues to be a senior member today.”

Signed,  Dr. Michael A. Persinger

Dated June 3rd. 2015

Full Professor, Biomolecular Sciences and Human Studies Programs.
Departments of Psychology and Biology

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