Use a good sound device with your 8 Coil Shakti system.

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Is Your Sound Card Good Enough?

Probably not.

Most people today use laptops instead of desktops, and most “onboard” (attached to the motherboard) laptop sound cards are substandard. They don’t have high enough output, and they usually can’t produce the lower tones.

Desktop sound devices aren’t much better. They fail the same tests, but usually not as poorly as laptop devices.

You will have the option to order your Shakti System with a USB sound device that has the highest output possible, with excellent “low-frequency response”.

The sound devices shown below have volume controls on the body of the sound device, you should never use this lind of USB audio devices.

There is no way any software can turn the knobs shown here, which means that no software can calibrate their output.  AVOID This kind of sound device.

Choose 8 Coil Shakti with USB sound when you check out.





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