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Out-Of-Body Experiences with Shakti

OBEs are not common events, and their occurrence Shakti is no exception. However, there have been some reports of Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) with Shakti. There is a pattern that appears in these reports, and following the pattern can increase your chances for having an OBE.

In most reported OBEs (many Shakti experiences went unreported until the person wrote to upgrade their software or ask for technical advice), the person did their Shakti session, and then went to sleep about an hour after the session was finished. While they were going to sleep, they had OBEs.

The laboratory "God Helmet" and the "Circumcerebral Octopus" ("Shiva") systems have created OBEs in the lab under carefully controlled conditions, especially absolute ("acoustic") silence. The God Helmet and Shiva use eight channels that move the focus of the stimulation. The Shakti System uses two channels, and may not as likely to bring you to OBEs, or could take more sessions to do it.

If someone wants to use Shakti to raise their chances for OBEs, they should know that if their neural history makes OBEs unlikely for them, so that if the odds were 100 to 1, and Shakti made the experience ten times more likely for them, the odds would still be 10 to 1.

In general, the more 'right-hemispheric' a person is, the greater their chances for having an OBE. Some features of right-hemisphericity include: The ability to "get into" meditation, tending to be quiet instead of talkative, being more prone to fear than anger, being deeply moved by music, having deja vu from time to time, having had at least one lucid dream, and the occasional problem finding the 'right words' to express themselves. 'Alpha-males' or 'alpha-females' may enjoy many advantages in life, but being prone to OBEs isn't one of them. The single more reliable thing to predict who is prone and who is not, is having had at least one OBE during their life.

If you want to use Shakti to try to have an OBE, you should do sessions over the right hemisphere (temporal lobes, parietal lobes or the area behind the parietal lobes - if you were a cow, it would be the place where your horns were) using the hippocampal signals, the modulated 40 hertz signal or the "chirp" signal.

It's also a good idea to do mental exercises to promote OBEs, such as this one. You can also do an Internet search for "How to have Out-of-body experiences for more suggestions and techniques.

These techniques, practiced following Shakti sessions, can also increase your chances for an OBE more than they would by themselves.

Only a small percent (only one out of ten - source) have ever had an OBE in their lives, and even fewer have them regularly. The number who have them at will is even smaller.

Nevertheless, Out-of-Body experiences are very engaging for many people, and there are many who want to experience them even though they are "left-brained" individuals, and who will try anything that will get them closer to their goal.

For such people, there are suggestions in the Shakti software for sessions that can give them a greater chance - even a much greater chance - than otherwise.

No matter how much Shakti might raise YOUR chances for an OBE, you should realize that out-of-body travel is not common, and that you will have to participate by learning from experienced out-of-body teachers. And applying their lessons.

There is no such thing as a 'pushbutton' technology for OBEs. You, as master of your own mind and brain, should expect to make an effort no matter what method you choose to meet your goal. 





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