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If you’re ambidextrous, you could have a ‘reversed’ or ‘left-handed’ brain structure.

This means that you can’t be sure that all of your brain parts have the usual left/right specialties. This means sessions done over only one side could possibly produce unexpected or unpleasant effects.

If you are ambidextrous, the safest way to use Shakti (any model) will be to do *symmetrical* sessions – ones that treat both sides of the brain the same.

Some session designs, such as the one that targets the angular gyrus on the right side (where one doctor induced an OBE through electrical stimulation), may not be appropriate for ambidextrous people.

If this applies to you, you need to know that the Shakti System may be less versatile for you.

In fact, there have been no reports of problems from ambidexterity. The caution given here is based on the principles, not actual observations.



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