Gallery of Karmu pictures


How can we lose with the system we use?

There is one less hungry dog in the world this day”. This picture was taken at a wedding Karmu performed. He was having his dinner and Girl (the beagle) was making sure that he didn’t drop anything. That dog was a notorious mooch (source).

Karmu in a trance. Photo by R. Green

Karmu not in a trance. Photo by R. Green










Karmu with Anakis Oogoo, 1981. Photo by R. Green
















Karmu Smiles. Photo by R. Green










Karmu with Visitors.






KARMU’S HOUSE. Green St, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Photo by R. Green











Karmu's Card.

Karmu’s Card (Circa 1980)

T-Shirt showing Karmu.  Picture taken by Garry Earles (June 2012), one of Karmu’s Classy Citizens of the Western Empire . The T-shirt was given to him in the late 1970s by Karmu himself.

Karmu Expounds. Photo by R. Green










Over the years, several people made cards and flyers for Karmu, each expressing their own artistry (or lack of it). Karmu used them all. Here are two samples, provided by Garry Earles; a distinguished convocation of most excellent gentlemen, all by himself.














The names of the healing techniques on the back of this card weren’t Karmu’s; they came from the (unknown) person who made it. For example, Karmu didn’t have a “Psychic Detection agency”. He used it anyway. The cards were a gift from one of his friends, and he didn’t reject gifts from the heart.

Karmu heals Anakis Oogoo.


Karmu heals Aloisius T. Prettyboy the Movie Star.  Photo by R. Green










Another picture of Karmu. Taken By R.J. Levison, one of Karmu’s many spiritual sons and daughters.

“You’ll have moonbeams shooting out of your toenails” Photo (c) 2002 By R.J Levison under GPL (“Copyleft”). Photo by R.J. Levison

Photo by Bobbie Ingersoll, 1976


Appeared in a poster for the Guru Blanket Band”, a band Karmu performed with. Circa 1970.   A Guru Blanket Band Photo by Caroline Lato, who is ever pure in thought, word, and deed, and who leaps from rooftop to rooftop, proclaiming the all and everything to the inestimable benefit of all who walk, swim or fly. “I rest my case”.