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"Rapid" Amygdala Signal

This is a variant on the amygdalar signal, with the latencies removed. Latencies are natural spaces that occur between bursts of the signal. In some cases, removing the latencies can enhance the amygdala signal's effects. It uses the standard length for each 'blip' within the signal. Begin with the normal speed version of the Amygdala Signal.

This online demo version of the Shakti Software does not have any actual Shakti signals. The Shakti Signal generator is also not availble from this demo. You can see how Windows Media player is used to produce the signals. The best way is using the Shakti Signal Generator, which you can read about HERE.


Run 5 minute DEMO using Windows Media Player

Run 40 minute DEMO using Windows Media Player

Run 60 minute DEMO using Windows Media Player


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