Chris ( Glaucus, Horizon ) R. Murphy Memorial Page........1957 - 1982

Gay activist, folk singer, leader in Liberal Religious Youth (UUA), & author of "The Lavender Thumb" for the Boston Gay Community News.

Bedford High School (MA) - Evergreen State College (WA) - Gay Community News ( GCN ) - Liberal Religious Youth ( LRY ) - Held world's record for seeing "Harold & Maude" in the theater (over 300 times).

Photo By Noel Murphy Photo from private LRY collection.

Photo by Chris Carleen
Chris was a gay folk singer noted for his catchy music and biting comical lyrics. Above all, he was dedicated to personal freedom. "If you want to sing out, sing out!"

He was influenced by Groucho Marx as much as Cat Stevens, Donovan, and Melanie. His most popular songs were "Yesterday's Cabbage" and "Honest to God, I'm Gay". His later work had a deeper, more 'soul searching' quality, while his earlier songs were more funny and shocking. Of his hundreds of songs, only the handful presented here survive. If you have any material that belongs on this page, please don't hesitate to send it
Circa 1975 - Taken at Bedford High School - Photographer unknown.

Most of these were recorded by S.K. Deitch in 1982. All songs and lyrics are free to use and perform. All rights reserved for recordings.

Yesterday's Cabbage! (2:26) DOWNLOAD


Honest to God - I'm Gay (2) (2.26) DOWNLOAD

Youtube 3rd party video:


Honest to God - I'm Gay (2) (1:42) (older recording, different style) DOWNLOAD

The Saga of Timmy Tune (7:16) DOWNLOAD
Spiral Staircase (3:44) DOWNLOAD
Lady Leila (2:03) DOWNLOAD
Game of the Gods (4:10) DOWNLOAD
Caught in the void (3:56) DOWNLOAD
Brother (4:32) DOWNLOAD
Galileo (Just as You Please) (5:01) DOWNLOAD


Alice, where are you going?
Upstairs, to take a bath
Alice, with legs like toothpicks
And a neck like a giraffe-raf-raf-raf-raf-raf-raf-raf!

Alice got in the water
Alice pulled out the plug
Oh my gracious! Oh my soul!
There goes Alice down the hole !

Alice, where are you going?
Glub, glub, glub...


New Baby Boy