Thanks are due to Dr. Michael Persinger for his extensive help in developing The Shiva Stimulation Device. Persinger's Endorsement.
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Shiva Neural Stimulation God Helmet ®
Legal: Shiva Neural Stimulation signals are based on the God Helmet signal templates licensed by Stan Koren and Dr. Michael .A. Persinger. Shiva does not prevent, diagnose or treat any medical disorders.
For a limited time, neuroscientists, neurologists, and other researchers may borrow a Shiva God Helmet System to replicate the God Helmet experiments.

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1) The Principle Investigator's Institutional Affiliation (what accredited university and/ or clinic/hospital they work with, and in what capacity).

List Institutional Affiliation and briefly describe your duties there:

2) The C.V. of the Principle Investigator.

I understand I must submit the C.V. of the Principle Investigator.

3) Contact information for the Principle Investigator, including a valid phone number (a phone number that can be verified through directory assistance and/or online).

4) Your intention to publish your results in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

NOTE: "Personal" experimentation does not qualify. Experiments under the auspices of organizations working with paradigms outside consensual science do not qualify. Such experiments can be carried out in non-standard institutions, but must be under the auspices of an accredited university, hospital or clinic, including reveiw board applroval from same. They must also publish listing their affiliation with of an accredited university, hospital or clinic.


To further qualify, you must replicate the God Helmet Experiment "sets & settings", and procedures. These include:

1) Acoustic sensory deprivation (acoustic silence) and a Faraday Cage environment.

2) "Priming" the subjects with the suggestion that they will be participating in a relaxation experiment.

3) Using only 60 minute sessions.

4) Placing a microphone in the experimental chamber, recording the subject's reports in real time, as well as post session interviews.

5) Telling the subjects they may stop the experiment at any time.

6) Separating subjects into three groups; those with above average, average, and lower than average temporal lobe lability ("sensitivity"). The appropriate questionnaire or questionnaires will be provided.

7) Recording the geomagnetic levels at the beginning and end of each session (using NOAA real-time data online), and to refrain doing sessions during geomagnetic storms or during unsettled geomagnetic conditions.

8) Conducting all sessions at night, during the hours of peak melatonin production (midnight to 4:00 am).

9) Excluding subjects with a history of psychiatric disorder, damaged or compromised brains, or a history of migraine headaches or epilepsy.

10) Verifying the integrity of the hardware by confirming that the fields are present with each session.

  To use the Shiva Neural stimulation system to replicate the God Helmet sessions, you must:

1) Maintain an off-line computer dedicated to the Shiva system with a freshly-formatted hard drive.

2) Go through the Shiva system's setup for each session.

3) Make full use of the tech support for the Shiva system
  If your application is approved, you will have to submit documents showing the approval of your institute's experimental review board before a Shiva God Helmet is sent to you. We will provide all the help we can in preparing you to get this approval.  
  We reserve the right to refuse any application.  

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